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Collaborating with Smart Cities Hackathon

Urbiotica is collaborating with the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC) in the Smart City Hackathon being held on 21 and 22 February.


This event is part of the international Hackathon Global Urban Datafest which we are supporting through:

  • Access to data generated by our sensors through Urbiotica’s U-Base Gateway Software which supports the Internet of Things paradigm, facilitating the development of innovative applications.
  • Access to the data of devices deployed in the city of Barcelona through the Sentilo platform.
  • Sponsorship of the Best Urbiotica Project award, with the delivery of an IGEPv2 and IGEPv2 Expanion Kit valued at €380 for each member of the winning team.

URBIOTICA expresses its commitment to open systems and the development of built-in solutions based on collaborations and partnerships to provide cities and their citizens greater value.


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Urbiotica es una empresa basada en Barcelona especializada en el diseño y desarrollo de sistemas de sensores de última generación que generan información a tiempo real sobre áreas de movilidad, gestión de residuos y monitorización medioambiental.