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Descripción del proyecto

Optimise the search for parking for workers providing the company an innovative company image.

The Group Glatt – world leader in innovative solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry – has an area of 10,000 km2 and more than 200 jobs. Harald Schmitt CEO of MSR-Traffic GmbH says about the Glatt Group: “The owner built a fantastic new building for its employees and they also wanted to have the most modern technologies which can be installed in the direction of the car park”. It is in this sense that Urbiotica solution has been launched on this new project.

Optimize the search for parking

In order to optimize the search for parking in the parking lot of the company installed a simple system of intelligent detection at 240 parking spaces, accompanied by LED screens that guide the parking. Each parking lot is equipped with wireless sensors that detect changes in the magnetic field. The collected information is transmitted to the modern LED screens showing the number of free seats per row.

Monitoring spot to spot

Due to monitoring spot to spot, employees and visitors are directed with digital signs to the nearest available parking place saving time and improving the everyday experience.

End-to-end service

In the project developed in Glatt, we based our proposal on solutions that meet both the needs of company and employees.

We developed an end-to-end system that provides a complete service:

  1. Sensing System
  2. Data transmission elements
  3. Software management platform

If you want to know how the complete solution works, find out at: Solutions for parking guidance

U-Spot, the wireless parking sensor that detects parking space occupancy


  • Better image of technologically innovative company.
  • Increased satisfaction and experience of workers and visitors.
  • Improves environmental quality.
  • Reduction circulation caused by the search for parking.
  • Higher turnover and better occupation of the parking.

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U-Spot sensors, one for each parking space