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Smart cities with a better quality of life

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Sensor-based products and solutions for smart cities

Welcome to the Internet of Things

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We are Urbiotica

We are a 100% privately owned company. We were established in Barcelona in 2008 with a very clear foundational vision: technology based on wireless sensor networks would transform the way we manage our cities.

Welcome to the Internet of Things.


More than a company

We launched our ambitious project in 2008 in Barcelona, a city with great tradition in innovative city management and planning. 150 years after the term “town planning” was coined, we are proud to lead the new revolution in intelligent town planning

Our mission is to bring the most innovative technology to society through its application in urban environments. Our vision involves helping cities become more manageable, efficient and sustainable, improving the quality of life of people.

The Urbiotica team is multidisciplinary, including experts in technology, town planning, design and engineering.

Our partners complete our expertise. Together we offer a broad portfolio of smart solutions for a new generation of smarter cities.

2010: Two prizes at the “Living Labs Global Showcase Award 2010” (Barcelona)

2011: Third prize at the ‘Future Internet Summit Award’ (Luxembourg)

2011: Award for “Excellence in Technological Innovation” from the Association of Telecommunications Engineers of Catalonia (Barcelona)

2011: Award for the Best Project from the World Smart Cities Awards (Smart City Expo and World Congress, Barcelona)

2012: “Engineer of the year” award to our CEO Antoni Brey, from the Association of Telecommunications Engineers of Catalonia (Barcelona)

2012: Award for the “Best Technology Company in Research Transfer”, from the Governing Board of the UPC (Barcelona)

2014: Award for “Intelligent Infrastructure Track”, from World to New York City – Smart and Sustainable Cities

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