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Novatilu launches a new line based on Urbiotica’s SMART Technology

Recently, Urbiotica established an agreement with NOVATILU, a Public Lighting and Urban Equipment manufacturer. Novatilu just launched its new SMART line, which takes the solutions from Urbiotica’s latest generation sensors and integrates them into its portfolio, under the slogan “Make your city think for itself”. As a result of our affiliation, Novatilu now offers solutions for managing urban parking, regulated parking, parking in shopping centers, and noise control in the cities.

Novatilu’s market experience and understanding, paired with Urbiotica’s technological “know how”, allows them to construct an array of solutions that will further improve citizen’s quality of life. Andrea Carandell, the current CEO of Novatilu, comments “our will is that our SMART line is deemed a referent for cutting-edge solutions in the cities”.

Additionally, the Business Director of Urbiotica, Marc Boher, explains: “With more than 20 years of experience in the field of urban equipment, Novatilu is committed to the most innovative technology to deliver intelligent solutions to a new generation of SMART cities, adapting to the current needs of citizens. “

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