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In Urbiotica we work with different types of partners

We develop comprehensive solutions based on our technology through agreements with expert partners and leaders in the provision of products for urban environments, in areas of mobility, waste management and environmental monitoring. 

To promote this strategy, we founded Think Global, a consortium of innovative companies and leaders in different areas. In Think Global we bring together our know-how to develop comprehensive solutions for urban environments based on the paradigm of the Internet of Things.

To market these “best in-class” solutions, we rely on local distributors to reach our customers worldwide, offering close support and adapting our solutions to the idiosyncrasies of each market.

Partners of our solutions

We work with leading companies in their sector to create comprehensive solutions based on our technology.

Partners of our solutions

Business partners

We have various local agreements for the distribution of our products and solutions worldwide. We strive for a close relationship with our customers so that we can adapt and better understand their specific needs and provide them local support to make the introduction and maintenance of our solutions more efficient.

Business partners

Technology partners – partners of our solutions

International company based in France and Belgium, specialising in software engineering focused on mobility and management of urban spaces. It works as a partner by developing and marketing our mobility, traffic and parking solutions.

German company and European leader in the development, production and sale of robust electronics. It works as a partner by developing and marketing waste collection solutions.

Spanish company based in Spain and Mexico, leader in access and on and off-street parking solutions. It works as a partner by developing and marketing our mobility and parking solutions.

Spanish technology consultancy which applies its scientific expertise to solutions based on the research and development of weather forecasting models. It works as a partner by developing air quality solutions.

Sound engineering company from Barcelona, specialising in consultancy and advice, noise measurement and environmental, architectural and industrial sound projects. It works as a partner by developing sound measurement solutions.

Technology company based in Barcelona and Chile, provider of IT solutions based on Bluetooth® sensors. It works as a partner by developing traffic solutions.

Business partners

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Title Category Address Description
96 CAITBA S.L. Parking Mallorca. C/ Gremi Cirurgians I Barbers Nº 41 Poligono Son Rossinyol E-mail: Phone: 971 733 898
95 MSR-Traffic Noise monitoring Germany. Würdingerstr 27a. Pocking. E-mail: Phone: (+49) 8531-9004-0
94 AcouTronics Noise monitoring Nederland. Everdenberg 37 4902 TT Oosterhout E-mail: Phone:+31 (0)162.424421
93 We-Soluciones Parking Ecuador. Avenida 6 de Diciembre 33 e Ignacio Bossano. E-mail: Teléfono: (+59) 3-2-382-5435
77 Soluciones Móviles de Costa Rica S.R.L. (Parso) Parking Costa Rica. San Pedro de Montes de Oca, San José. E-mail: Teléfono: (+506) 2524 3428
76 Redas engineering S.r.l. Parking Italy. Via Lodovico Pavoni, 1, 20900 Monza MB. Contact: Thomas Valentini Phone: (+39) 339 377 62 44
75 Paradigm mtuity Parking India. 2nd floor. B block, cyber gateway. Madhapur, Hitec city, Hyderabad. Telangana-500081 E-mail: Phone: (+91) 40 4444 6000
74 Optimizer Parking Chile. Alonso de Córdova 5870 Of.1113, Las Condes. Contacto: Felipe Larrain E-mail: Teléfono: (+56) 966 672 532
73 MSR-Traffic Parking Germany. Würdingerstr 27a. Pocking. E-mail: Phone: (+49) 8531-9004-0
72 MOBIDRIVE URUGUAY Parking Uruguay. Bulevar España, 2094 11200 Montevideo. E-mail: Teléfono: (+59) 8 92 46 77 94
71 MOBIDRIVE ESPAÑA Parking España. Andalucía. Avda. de Córdoba, 8-Bajo C.P. 14700 Palma del Río, Córdoba. E-mail: Teléfono: (+34) 602 606 916
69 Mentis Services Belgium Parking Belgium. Avenue de Floréal 156. Uccle. Phone: (+32) 4 79 94 15 54
68 Komplus D.O.O Parking Serbia. Kralja Milutina 69 11000 Belgrade. Phone: +381 11 3087760 E-mail:
52 ITELCA Parking Colombia. Calle 94 No. 47 – 25 (La Castellana) Bogotá. E-mail:
51 GRADICOM S.A. Parking Argentina. Venezuela 1961 Piso 2º (C1096ABG) Ciudad de Buenos Aires. E-mail: Teléfono: (+54) 11 4943 6999
50 ERBEN KONTROL SİSTEMLERİ A.Ş Parking Turkey. Bahariye Caddesi Sülün Sokak No:59/1, Nalçacı İş Merkezi İstanbul E-mail: Phone: (+90) 212 494 3838
49 AREATEC Parking Brazil. Coronel André Ulson Junior, nº 250 Sala 72 - Edifício Pedra Verde São Paulo - SP E-mail: Phone: (+19) 3508 0600
48 Urbiotica Argentina Urbiotica Argentina. Cucha Cucha 1168, Buenos Aires. Contacto: Roman Jubert Duran E-mail: Teléfono: (+54) 911 4143 5675

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