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U-Admin for Noise Monitoring

U-Admin is the software platform designed and developed by Urbiotica for the management and storage of the information generated by the sensor systems.

From the measured data, it processes and stores the generated information to make it available to real-time applications and platforms.

U-Admin Device Management provides the necessary tools to configure, install and monitor elements of the system.



  • Cloud platform
  • U-Admin is a cloud-based platform offered as a service that avoids infrastructure and operating costs while also benefiting from the scalability of cloud computing technologies.

  • Cloud processing
  • Urbiotica sensors are reliable and robust thanks to the fact that the transformation logic of the physical quantities measured in information is located in the cloud. This unique feature makes it possible to optimise the energy used by the sensors extending their lifespan and autonomy, avoiding maintenance actions.

    Data processing algorithms are updated in the cloud without having to modify the firmware of the sensor, significantly reducing operating costs.

  • U-Admin API
  • In order to ensure open access to the information and devices and to avoid entering a logic of closed silos, the U-Admin has an API based on SOAP and REST web services, and Pub/Sub technologies, which enable integration with other systems for both data transfer and the configuration of the system parameters.

  • U-Admin Device Management
  • U-Admin has an application for the management of Urbiotica devices. It is available in web version and app version for Android smartphones and tablets.

    Device Management consists of several tools that allow you to:

    • Configure projects
    • Activate and register devices: sensors and network elements
    • Monitor and operate devices
    • Receive notifications of incidents
    • Display the information generated from the data captured by the sensors

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