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U-Flag sensor network repeater

U-Flag collects the data sent by the sensors and forwards it via the mesh network through other U-Flag until reaching the closest U-Box using unlicensed frequencies and a standards-based protocol.


Product Description

  • Auto-recovery of the mesh network
  • The U-Flag are able to detect low coverage and try to reconnect to a network of another U-Box with a better quality signal. This prevents loss of connection between the sensors and the platform.

    For network settings with a single concentration, the U-Flag will not change their configuration and the U-Box will gather the data in its internal database and send it to the platform once the connection is restored.

  • Programming from the air
  • Air programming tools avoid having to uninstall the devices to update firmware, significantly reducing field-based maintenance tasks and costs.

  • Real-time information
  • Apart from forwarding data from the sensors, the U-Flag periodically generate technical data frames which are interpreted by the platform and help to determine in real time the status of the device, detect incidents and diagnose problems.

Features / Functions

  • Installation
  • Ideally the U-Flag should be installed on street lamps, spotlights on walls or other street furniture that have access to a 24-hour or night-time power supply.

    During hours without an external power supply, power is obtained from an internal battery which is fully charged in 4 hours and provides 4 days of autonomy. If the characteristics of the installation point allow it, the U-Sun solar panel can be used as a power source.

  • Safety
  • The Urbiotica sensor network does not generate or transmit personal information.The data measured and transmitted are observations of physical parameters that are encrypted for greater security.

  • Useful Life
  • It has successfully passed the IP54 waterproof, IK08 mechanical resistance and accelerated ageing tests. It guarantees its useful life of 12 years even in very harsh conditions.

  • Dimensions
  • Its casing measures 7 cm by 16 cm with a height of 22 cm. It weighs around 1 kg.

  • Range
  • The U-Flag can receive data from installed sensors and routers at a distance of up to 200 metres depending on the type of device. A specific study of the area is carried out in each installation to define the maximum distances between devices and their orientation.

  • WSN
  • The U-Flag is a repeater element which extends the WSN network through which all the data captured by the sensors flows until reaching a U-Box, which then forwards it to the U-Admin platform.


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