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The challenge – Noise pollution in cities

The natural trend of migration to cities and their exponential growth means that ensuring a sustainable environment in urban environments is a major challenge. The increase in population and frenetic activity results in a proportional increase in the noise generated. 

The main source of noise in cities today is road traffic. However, there are other more difficult sources to control which cause greater nuisance to citizens such as night-life.

Administrations currently have control regulations and action plans in place as tools for managing noise pollution which involve assessing the situation based on short and long-term measures taken at precise times. Although these tools provide information on the general situation, there are currently no affordable continuous monitoring tools that capture high noise levels in real time.


The solutions – Noise monitoring network

Urbiotica’s noise monitoring network enables the autonomous and continuous monitoring of noise levels in the city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based on sensor measurement, real-time information is provided on the monitored areas and alerts generated when the established noise limits are exceeded.

The information generated by the system is accessible to both the manager and citizens through the web tool VisorAcustic.

Solution benefits

Having real-time information remotely and the configuration of the alerts system allows the manager to:
• Have more control of noise levels
• Anticipate citizen complaint-related problems
• Detect new noise sources
• Assess the effectiveness of action plans
• Have a tool for informing the citizen
• Involve and make aware the citizen
• Promote transparency

This all results in:
• Fewer incidents and less administrative work
• Fewer police interventions

The improved effectiveness of action plans implemented and the exhaustive control of noise levels benefits citizens because:
• They have more information on noise in their city.
• It has positive effects on their health by being exposed to lower levels of noise pollution.
• It improves their well-being.

Solutions for you

It enables the development of efficient and sustainable local strategies adapted to the actual noise situation in the environment.

It complements the information provided by strategic noise maps for the design of action plans.

It enables the deployment of a permanent noise monitoring network to control city trouble spots.

Economic efficiency due to its lower investment and maintenance cost. This new technology based on the Internet of Things allows you to create a permanent monitoring network at the best price, with minimum maintenance and measurement quality equivalent to a Class II sound level meter.

It reduces nuisances and citizen complaints, as well as the need for police intervention.

This new permanent monitoring technology complements the equipment.

Together with the measurements of traditional equipment it enables more economically efficient noise studies.

It will be possible to easily expand the portfolio of products and open new business lines.

Why does our noise monitoring solution stand out?

Our smart solution for monitoring noise pollution stands out for:

  • An autonomous, wireless and robust sensor which is responsible for continuous real-time measurements with a quality equivalent to a class II sound level meter.
  • The data captured by the sensor (LAeq1’) and the indicators generated (LN, LDEN, etc.) are available remotely in the cloud from where they are distributed to the management systems.
  • Noise monitoring tool with 10-year useful life and minimum maintenance.
  • Bespoke web application with two interfaces, one public for citizens and another private for the manager.

Noise monitoring network

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