Connected Boulevard

The project “Connected Boulevard” is one of the 1st Internet of Things (IoT) proof-of-concept (PoC) for a smart city worldwide. It is located at Boulevard Victor Hugo in the center of Nice (France).

Connected Boulevard has been developed on a highly complex and heterogeneous business ecosystem created with local authorities and in collaboration with Cisco France, Semiacs, Siradel and Citelum, Egis, Meteosim, Sude and Urbiotica – the five latest working under the Think Global Alliance framework.

The project is based on the data generated in real time by approximately 200 sensors deployed within the city. Data provides invaluable context-aware information on urban mobility, street lighting, waste disposal and environmental quality. The information is disseminated to serve multiple analytic applications and services for city managers, citizenship and visitors.

Urbiotica’s technology is contributing to the PoC sensor network mainly capturing and transporting real-time data on parking, traffic control, air quality, noise pollution and waste management through our devices and network products.



According to the Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, “In this regard, I am particularly grateful to Cisco and the Think Global alliance for having conceived the Nice Connected Boulevard. It gives me great pleasure to know it is one of the pioneering Internet of Things living-lab projects for smart cities. I hope other cities will also be able to learn from it.”

Connected Boulevard will allow better tracking of noise, air pollution, relative humidity and temperature, facilitating information for citizenship on weather forecasting and civic behaviors. This fosters defending air purity, supporting new business using environment data provided by public services and introducing noise monitoring as a new a key part of the urban pollution.



  • Deployment of several environmental sensors such as U-Air, U-Sound, U-Temp, and U-Wet
  • 800-yard-long of the Boulevard Victor Hugo covered and monitored.