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Urbiotica adopts Fastprk and settles it as the global brand for its Smart Parking product line

The company also announces its new business strategy with a 100% focus on smart mobility.   

Nearly one year after acquiring the Fastprk brand from WorldsensingUrbiotica has decided to use it as the umbrella brand for its Smart Parking product line. Therefore, Fastprk will from now on include all the products and solutions offered by Urbiotica in the Smart Parking sector.  

Consequently, the products acquired in last year’s operation have also been renamed: 

  • Fastprk DUO becomes U-Spot DUO, completing the single space detection sensors range together with U-Spot 2.0 and U-Spot M2M 
  • Fastprk LoRa gateway is renamed U-Box LoRa, product recently brought up to date with a brand new 4G version 

Marc Boher, CCO of Urbiotica“We have already launched the integration of the products acquired last year in our software platform U-Admin. Starting with the business tools available from now on, we’ll allow all our customers to make the most of the latest developments, such as the parking enforcement software. We will progressively homogenize all the tools used along a project lifetime to keep on offering the most complete and powerful Smart Parking solution in the market, from both hardware and software point of view.” 

These developments also include the possibility to connect other parking sensor technologies to the U-Admin platformThis enables customers with previous Smart Parking sensors deployments to be able to convert to Fastprk technology, without losing their previous investments.  

The new brand comes along with an evolution of the company’s strategy. Urbiotica will focus entirely on the smart mobility sector and will leave aside the other smart city business lines. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global smart mobility market is estimated to reach $70.46 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 20.2% between 2020 and 2017. 

Josep Maria Torras, CEO of Urbiotica: “The growth of the company is already ensured by our Smart Mobility solutions. It is a natural step forward for us to let go of the other solutions we have developed in the past to focus 100% on what our customers are expecting from us in that area.”. 


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Urbiotica will collaborate with SABA and EGIS implementing 868 sensors in a new intelligent parking project in Viseu (Portugal)

The municipality of Viseu, located in Portugal and with almost 100,000 habitants, will become a smart city thanks to the implementation of a sensor system that will ease the vehicle guidance, as well as the control of the parking spaces.  

Urbiotica has been selected by Saba and Egis Group as the best technological option to provide a reliable and efficient solution to the project. Saba is a reference industrial operator in the development of solutions in the field of urban mobility, present in Europe and Latin America, and specialized in parking management. On the other side, Egis is an international group that operates in sectors of mobility services and construction engineering. Both companies collaborate through the company Semovepark Viseu to manage the regulated parking service of the municipality.

The project will include the deployment of a total of 868 Fastprk duo sensors in the payment areas of the on-street public road. Fastprk’s smart parking system uses the LoRa communication protocol and combines magnetic detection with infrared, providing a very reliable and high precision solution over time with this double detection. The sensor immediately detects any change in the occupation of a parking space with an accuracy of 98%.

Thanks to this technology the occupation data will be transmitted to the users indicating them where to find free spaces, allowing to reduce drastically the time invested in finding parking. On the other hand, the system will allow to detect in real time the fraud due to lack of payment or if the time paid by the user has been exceeded. Likewise, the management and control of these spaces will be much more efficient.

This solution allows the municipality to optimize its control operations and therefore increase the rotation of vehicles in the area, so that a greater number of people can enjoy the use of the places. It is a clear advantage for vehicles looking for parking, as well as for the rest of the drivers who circulate with less congestion and the citizens who enjoy a more relaxed and sustainable environment.


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Urbiotica releases an end-2-end solution to control the use of reserved parking spaces

Urbiotica has developed a complete solution to control the use of the reserved parking spaces for loading and unloading users, persons with reduced mobility, and electric vehicles. 

The misuse of parking spaces reserved for specific uses has an important and negative impact on urban mobility and is a pain in the neck for most public administrations.  

A clear example is the fraudulent use of parking spots reserved for people with reduced mobility. The abusive use of these places causes significant disruption to the lives of this vulnerable group, which needs these special places located near the access points in order to carry out their daily activities. Another common situation in cities is parking violations in loading and unloading areas, making delivery vehicles double park with the consequent chaos and discomfort in the area. It is also frequent to find users who are badly parked in the spaces reserved for the electric charging of vehicles, preventing the proper development of urban sustainable mobility plans. 

In order to guarantee fluid and sustainable mobility in the cities, as well as the well-being of the inhabitants, it is essential to ensure that the regulations for the use of these reserved parking areas are respected. The challenge for city managers and parking operators lies in the ability to improve and optimize the service, applying technology to the process. 

With this new solution, Urbiotica offers municipalities and companies the opportunity to manage regulated spaces efficiently, achieving a much more effective control and greater productivity of the area. 

      Loading and Unloading                              PRM                                         Limited Free Time                           Electric Vehicles



The solution is composed of: 

  • U-Spot is a sensor installed in the parking space that uses magnetic technology to detect in real-time the entry and exit of vehicles in the parking spaces as well as the duration of the session. The M2M version of the sensor also stands out because it does not need a gateway to transmit the data, making it the ideal solution for scattered parking spaces applications. By using the new NB-IoT protocol, the costs of deploying these types of projects are drastically reduced, providing an efficient solution to scenarios in which a suitable technological system could not be guaranteed until now. 
  • The ParkTime APP is designed for citizens authorized to use the reserved spaces. It informs these users (people with reduced mobility, carriers, …), about where to find available reserved places, and allows them to declare their arrivals and departures. The APP digitalizes the parking permits and complies with the user identification requirements for correct application. It has been designed with geofence and push notification functionalities that offer a useful and very simple experience to users. 
  • The ParkCTRL APP matches the user information with the occupancy status of the parking spot and time spent by the vehicle. Through the APP the guards can consult the information and be alerted in case of fraud, exponentially optimizing the control routes. 

  • The U-Admin platformincluding the alert engine and an API, allows the management and supervision of the solution, as well as the authorization of the ParkTime APP users. The solution is 100% flexible and can be easily integrated with third-party APPs. 


How does it works?

The identification and control of the users parked in each parking space drastically reduces the infractions and increases vehicle rotations in the spaces, which impacts favorably on the parking availability. This greater availability is transmitted to users through the ParkTime App, increasing the possibilities and speed of finding a free parking space. In addition, the real-time display of alerts makes it possible to optimizthe control operations and the resources allocated to this management and to prioritize the areas with the most infringements. 

4 Spanish cities have already decided to put their trust in Urbiotica to control a total of 2.000 reserved parking spaces, plus international experiences are expected soon. 

Keep posted to learn more about these exciting projects! 



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Urbiotica collaborates with EMS and IoTBlue to provide Smart Parking at Tech Park New Borg Al Arab

Urbiotica, a global IoT technology provider for smart cities, announced its collaboration with EMS and IoTBlue to deliver a complete Smart Parking solution at Tech Park New Borg Al Arab in Alexandria, Egypt.  

 This Smart Parking solution aims to simplify the flow of traffic and reduce congestion by providing real-time information about parking availability and accessibility. This information will be transmitted in real time to guide drivers and avoid unnecessary traffic and pollution in the area. The solution will also allow Tech Park to monitor the use of its parking areas and internal roads based on the information provided from installed sensors. 

 The strategic alliance between Urbiotica, EMS, and IoTBlue supports Egypt’s vision towards digital transformation and its plans to promote the country’s innovative and investment-friendly environment. The three companies will be working together to develop an end-to-end solution that transforms parking as we know it through the Internet of Things (IoT).  

 Urbiotica will provide 200 U-Spot magnetic sensors for installation at Tech Park’s designated parking areas to detect the occupational status of each parking spot. The data from these sensors will then be managed by IoTBlue’s Cervello Smart City Platform, whereby Cervello will collect, analyze, and visualize the data to provide information about parking availability and guide drivers to their nearest vacant parking space. EMS, in turn, will be responsible for fulfilling the solution in accordance with the project requirements and smart city best practices. As a large audiovisual systems integrator specialized in the IoT and light current industry, EMS will also be responsible for the successful implementation and management of the solution. 

 Tech Park New Borg Al Arab spans an area of 193,200 sqm (46 feddans) and is positioned as the business and technology hub of the area with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative environment. Situated 48 km southwest of Alexandria, Borg Al Arab and New Borg Al Arab are considered strategic extensions of the port city of Alexandria. The business area in New Borg Al Arab includes high-tech companies, a convention center, as well as residential and commercial areas. It currently houses more than 1,179 factories and EGP 9 billion worth of local and foreign investments. 

 One of Egypt’s latest technology parks, Tech Park New Borg Al Arab was developed by Egypt’s New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) in partnership with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), with a total projected investment of USD 161 million.  

About the companies 

 Urbiotica is a global provider of outdoor Smart Parking systems and complete solutions that help, both, public and private customers to solve their parking problems, improve parking efficiencies, and provide dynamic guidance for drivers. The company also provides all necessary components and integrations to simplify deployment and reduce additional development and integration costs. 

 IoTBlue, a leading smart world enabler through Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, is a technology company that helps businesses build possibilities and achieve opportunities through the power of IoT. At the core of IoTBlue’s offerings, Cervello is a multi-tenant platform that serves as the brain of all IoT-based projects and solutions. Part of the Flexitron technology group, IoTBlue provides innovative solutions for a smarter, simpler, and more streamlined future. 

 EMS was established in 1993 as an IT solutions provider and, as of 2017, has been offering IoT solutions for smart city. As a trusted supplier of high-quality products, the company has always focused on satisfying the needs of its customers and meeting their expectations with a strong financial background and technical back-up. 


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