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Urbiotica releases an end-2-end solution to control the use of reserved parking spaces

Urbiotica has developed a complete solution to control the use of the reserved parking spaces for loading and unloading users, persons with reduced mobility, and electric vehicles. 

The misuse of parking spaces reserved for specific uses has an important and negative impact on urban mobility and is a pain in the neck for most public administrations.  

A clear example is the fraudulent use of parking spots reserved for people with reduced mobility. The abusive use of these places causes significant disruption to the lives of this vulnerable group, which needs these special places located near the access points in order to carry out their daily activities. Another common situation in cities is parking violations in loading and unloading areas, making delivery vehicles double park with the consequent chaos and discomfort in the area. It is also frequent to find users who are badly parked in the spaces reserved for the electric charging of vehicles, preventing the proper development of urban sustainable mobility plans. 

In order to guarantee fluid and sustainable mobility in the cities, as well as the well-being of the inhabitants, it is essential to ensure that the regulations for the use of these reserved parking areas are respected. The challenge for city managers and parking operators lies in the ability to improve and optimize the service, applying technology to the process. 

With this new solution, Urbiotica offers municipalities and companies the opportunity to manage regulated spaces efficiently, achieving a much more effective control and greater productivity of the area. 

      Loading and Unloading                              PRM                                         Limited Free Time                           Electric Vehicles



The solution is composed of: 

  • U-Spot is a sensor installed in the parking space that uses magnetic technology to detect in real-time the entry and exit of vehicles in the parking spaces as well as the duration of the session. The M2M version of the sensor also stands out because it does not need a gateway to transmit the data, making it the ideal solution for scattered parking spaces applications. By using the new NB-IoT protocol, the costs of deploying these types of projects are drastically reduced, providing an efficient solution to scenarios in which a suitable technological system could not be guaranteed until now. 
  • The ParkTime APP is designed for citizens authorized to use the reserved spaces. It informs these users (people with reduced mobility, carriers, …), about where to find available reserved places, and allows them to declare their arrivals and departures. The APP digitalizes the parking permits and complies with the user identification requirements for correct application. It has been designed with geofence and push notification functionalities that offer a useful and very simple experience to users. 
  • The ParkCTRL APP matches the user information with the occupancy status of the parking spot and time spent by the vehicle. Through the APP the guards can consult the information and be alerted in case of fraud, exponentially optimizing the control routes. 

  • The U-Admin platformincluding the alert engine and an API, allows the management and supervision of the solution, as well as the authorization of the ParkTime APP users. The solution is 100% flexible and can be easily integrated with third-party APPs. 


How does it works?

The identification and control of the users parked in each parking space drastically reduces the infractions and increases vehicle rotations in the spaces, which impacts favorably on the parking availability. This greater availability is transmitted to users through the ParkTime App, increasing the possibilities and speed of finding a free parking space. In addition, the real-time display of alerts makes it possible to optimizthe control operations and the resources allocated to this management and to prioritize the areas with the most infringements. 

4 Spanish cities have already decided to put their trust in Urbiotica to control a total of 2.000 reserved parking spaces, plus international experiences are expected soon. 

Keep posted to learn more about these exciting projects! 



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Alcalá de Henares has a new guided car park with U-Flow Parking counting system



The City Council of Alcalá de Henares, a city located to the northwest of Madrid, is committed to the improvement of the city’s neighborhoods and citizen wellbeing. To this end, the council launched a macro-project to remodel the old football field in the area of Juan de Austria and thus turn it into a quality space for leisure and personal relationship.


Part of the project process involved citizen participation, obtaining more than 200 proposals. Among the most prominent proposals was the improvement of parking spaces due to the fact that Alcalá de Henares is located in a dense urban fabric and faces a global lack of parking spaces. Urbiotica’s technology was selected as a solution to takle this problem.


Urbiotica’s solution meant the deployment of the U-Flow Parking system, to count the vehicles that enter and leave the area in order to determine and communicate the users in real time accurate information related to the occupancy level of the 100 spaces. The information is published through 2 VMS located on nearby streets, allowing drivers to quickly decide where to park in the area, avoiding vehicle chaos and stress to users during the process.


As a result of the whole project, a large park has been achieved, accessible also to people with reduced mobility, surrounded by nice paths for walking, activity areas for all sectors of the population and an area with a greater density of trees. There is also a parking area which, thanks to Urbiotica’s solution, has been satisfactorily optimized to create an efficient and tidy space.


Parque Alcalá de Henares con aparcamiento

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Urbiotica is one of the key companies in the implementation of IoT for Smart Cities according to Insight Partners

The increase of the vehicular pollution and the limited number of spots for park in cities makes necessary the implementation of smart programs in cities, thus it explains the service of research of Insight Partners, who mentioned Urbiotica as one of the companies key players in the application of IoT for Smart Cities.


More information in the web of Insight Partners 



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