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Project description P+R ATM Solution (Barcelona)

Minimize urban traffic and its effects on Barcelona’s pollution.

Barcelona has faced and important increase of private vehicle traffic over the last decades.

The city council seeks to combat the related traffic pollution in order to improve citizens’ wellbeing by developing an ambitious program of Low Emission that restricts the access of the most polluting vehicles to some of the city areas.

To support the new policy, ATM is promoting multi-modality mobility to incentive people to park their car before arriving to the city and thus help to reduce the traffic and pollution in the center.

The aim of the collaboration with the Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) consists on informing drivers in real time about the available spaces in the free Park and Ride (P+R) areas, to speed up parking and thus achieve a good user experience that encourages its use.

End-to-end solution

The solution for Park and Ride was installed in 10 areas of Barcelona within the ZBE ATM program. The data captured by the installed sensors is transformed into useful information which transmits the availability of free spaces to the users through the Mou-te APP. This way, drivers are informed about the availability of spaces in these parking areas so that they can go directly to the areas with free spaces.

The solution is a win-win since it satisfies both the needs of citizens and those of public administrations.

Details of the installed system:

  1. U-Flow counting sensors to inform about the availability of free spaces.
  2. U-Spot single space sensors to inform about the availability of reserved spaces (PRM, electric vehicles, taxis, etc.)
  3. Integration with multimodal platforms and MOU-TE user information APP for the citizens to know the status of available parking spaces in P+R areas in real time.
  4. Management web and mobile applications for device management and parking use analyzing.

If you want to know how the complete solution works, discover it at:

Guidance Solution For Park and Ride (P+R) Areas


U-Flow, the wireless parking sensor that detects the entrances and exits of vehicles in a parking with delimited access lanes.



U-Spot, the wireless parking sensor that detects occupation in each parking space. It would be used in cases of reserved parking spaces (PRM, electric vehicles …) within the parking area.


  • It guides drivers to free spaces, speeding up and reducing the search time for a parking space.
  • Easing the parking encourages the use of these areas by drivers.
  • Reduces traffic and pollution
  • Increases citizen satisfaction

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System installed in Park and Ride areas

in the greater Barcelona region.

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