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Project description Smart Parking in Alzira, Valencia (Spain)

Reduce the amount of vehicles moving around in search of a parking space

Alzira is a city in full growth and change that needed a plan to improve mobility downtown. The challenge of the local City Council and PAVAPARK (parking operator) was to improve mobility in the center of the city to make it smarter, more efficient and safer.

The project launched aimed to facilitate parking for drivers in order to reduce the number of vehicles circulating and improve mobility in the center.

End-to-end service

The smart parking guidance solution was installed in the regulated parking area of a commercial and central street in Alzira: Avenida Santos Patronos. The system captures the data and transmits the parking availability to users in real time through information panels located at each end of the avenue.

A complete service that offering:

  1. Wireless sensors system
  2. Dynamic message signs
  3. Device management

If you want to know more about how the complete solution works:

Guided parking solution


U-Spot, autonomous and wireless parking sensor that detects in real time the entry and exit of vehicles in parking spaces:



  • Mobility improvement by reducing the traffic congestions produced by the parking search.
  • Citizens have a greater predisposition to move to the city center.
  • Revitalization of local trade.
  • Increased vehicle rotation.
  • Optimization of the use and profit of the regulated area.
  • Greater user satisfaction.
  • Pollution reduction.
  • Improved well-being for citizens.

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U-Spot sensors

“We are very satisfied with the solution. On one side, we would like to point out that the delivery and supply of all the material was very fast because it is a proved and tested solution that works well. On the other side, the installation is not complex and the civil work that needs to be done is relatively simple. And above all, it is very important for us that when we have had an urgency in times of implementation, Urbiotica has responded according to our needs and the technical support is immediate. The availability of Urbiotica technicians is total.

Alzira City Council was delighted with the implementation period we carried out and they are satisfied with the service because they see that it is having a return and that citizens see it as an advantage.”

Sergio Castellar. Pavapark

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