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Improving control and availability of parking in the city centrarea 

The inhabitants of the small town of Castellbisbal, with a surface area of 31 km² and a population of more than 12.000, were facing difficulties when it came to parking in the town centre. The few existing parking spots were occupied by cars parked for long periods of time.

The aim of the project we developed in Castellbisbal was:

  • Optimize control costs
  • Increase vehicle turnover in the area
  • Reduce parking search time
  • Improve citizen satisfaction and experience

Parking control is optimized by integrating real-time occupancy data

The information from the sensors is collected on a web platform. It allows a real-time control of the status of the parking spaces and the remaining time, generating warnings to the parking attendants when a time overrun infraction is detected.

Improving accessibility and increasing occupancy

The project has deployed 67 sensors in the locality. The data collected is sent to users in real time, thus improving accessibility. By knowing the status of parking spots, citizens are more willing to travel to the city center knowing that they will find free spaces.

Reduces pollution and boosts commerce

Guiding drivers to free spaces reduces vehicle congestion and the pollution it generates by up to 30%. By increasing the willingness to travel to these areas, commerce in the area is boosted.

End-to-End service

In the Castellbisbal project, we seek to satisfy the needs of the public administration and citizens.

We develop an end-to-end system that provides a complete service:

  1. Sensing system
  2. Data transmission elements
  3. Software management platform

If you want to know how the complete solution works, find out on:

Solution for regulated time

U-Spot, the wireless parking sensor that detects parking space occupancy:


  • Increased turnover and occupancy of the parking lot
  • Controller productivity. Thanks to the alerts generation, vehicle-by-vehicle control is avoided and violations are dealt with directly
  • Traffic reduction due to parking searches
  • Stimulation of local trade
  • Improving environmental quality
  • Citizens well-being and quality of life

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U-Spot sensors

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