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Project description Management of spaces reserved for PRM in Valencia

Improve the control and availability of spaces reserved for PRM

The spaces reserved for PRM are spaces with special characteristics for people who have the card that accredits them as Persons with Reduced Mobility. These spaces facilitate their mobility since they have established minimum dimensions and are located closer to the establishments. The reality is that these areas are usually occupied by unauthorized vehicles causing significant inconvenience in the daily lives of these users.

The aim of the project we developed in Valencia was:

  • Increase respect by improving the use of reserved spaces for PRM
  • Inform users of available parking spaces near their location
  • Detect the presence of non-authorized vehicles and generate alerts
  • Improve the satisfaction and experience of PRM users

Parking control is optimized by generating real-time alerts

The information from the sensors is collected on a web platform. It allows real-time control of the status of the parking spaces by automatically generating alerts to security guards when a violation by an unauthorized user is detected.

Improving accessibility for PRM card holders

Data is captured and sent to users. They can know the occupancy of places in real time and know that they will find free places if they need to move.

The user has a better parking experience

The driver does not have to drive around looking for a space to park his vehicle, since he knows where he will find a free space and will go directly there, reducing pollution from unnecessary turns and improving his parking experience.

End-to-end service

In the Valencia project, we seek to satisfy the needs of the public administration and citizens. 

An end-to-end system has been implemented to provide a complete service: 

  1. Sensing system
  2. Data transmissionelements
  3. Software management platform

If you want to know how the complete solution worksfind out on: 

Solution for PRM reserved spaces

U-Spot M2M, the wireless parking sensor that detects parking space occupancy: 

U-Spot M2M

  • Compliance with regulations on the use of spaces reserved for PRM users
  • Control of authorized users frees up fraudulently used spaces, which translates into more spaces available for those who really need them
  • Users of these spaces have real-time information on where to find a free space
  • Reduces control costs thanks to real-time visualization of infractions

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U-Spot M2M sensors

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