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Noise monitoring in areas of leisure

Leisure activities in the historic and traditional center of Alicante known as tardeo are an attraction for locals and visitors. The wide offer and good weather of this area of the Spanish Levante promotes outdoor activities that sometimes lead to discomfort for neighbors in the area due to the high noise.

Measure to know

The City of Alicante has decided to deploy a system to obtain real measurements of noise levels, 24 hours a day, in order to know in which areas and moments of the day the peaks are recorded and whether they exceed the thresholds limits established in the regulations.

Urbiotica’s proposal consists in deploying a network of noise sensors and a web page in the portal of the City Hall from where citizens and managers can access the information obtained by the system.

The locations of the sensors were defined taking into account those points in the city where there were more reports of excess noise and by agreement between neighbors and municipal technicians.

The measurements will be taken to the ‘noise table’ where the possible actions to be taken will be studied in order to reconcile the leisure and restoration activities with the rest of the neighbors.

In the project of Alicante, we based our proposal on solutions that meet the needs of administration and citizens

We developed a system that provides a complete service:

  1. Noise sensors network
  2. VisorAcustic application for manager and citizens
  3. U-Admin Control Center application for managers

  • Provide impartial measurements for conflict resolution
  • Evaluate compliance with defined target levels
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the actions against noise that are carried out
  • Transparency and public awareness

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U-Sound sensors

This action is intended to “have a first serious and rigorous measurement of the number of decibels that are generated in different points of the traditional center and the old town with the aim of making compatible the rest of the neighbors with the activity of the leisure facilities” , according to Councilor for the Environment, Víctor Domínguez.

Source: La Vanguardia. Valencia, January 17, 2017

Photo: El Mundo

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