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Project description Noise monitoring in Girona

Collect reliable data on noise in the city

One of the main concerns of Girona’s citizens was noise pollution in some areas of the city as a result of having a direct effect on their quality of life. The Girona City Council decided to tackle the situation mainly caused by night-life and vehicle traffic.

To design an action plan, the local government needed reliable and continuous data on the noise level of certain areas so that it could find out what was really going on and therefore determine the necessary measures.

Measuring noise pollution

The sound level meter project deployed jointly with the Girona City Council involved installing sensors at 5 of the city’s most troublesome points to measure the noise pollution level continuously and in real time.

Actual facts of the situation

Based on the reports and information provided, a true picture of the situation was obtained and specially designed action plans were defined to combat the noise.

Real-time information

The solution enables the generation of real-time notifications in case certain noise limits are reached for immediate action, which is especially necessary in night-life areas.

More intelligent solutions

The communication network deployed can benefit and complement other existing solutions thanks to its scalable infrastructure.

It enables the introduction of other additional intelligent management solutions, avoiding having to reinvest in the communication network.

End-to-end solution

In the developed in Girona, we based our proposal on solutions that meet the needs of administration and citizens.

We developed an end-to-end system that provides a complete service:

  1. Sensing System
  2. Data transmission elements
  3. VisorAcustic Application

If you want to know how the complete solution works, find out at:

Smart noise monitoring solutions


U-Sound, the acoustic sensor which captures in real time the magnitude of the environmental noise.


  • Continuous and real-time information on the environmental noise level.
  • As complaints are reduced so are administrative processes.
  • Well-being and satisfaction of citizens. The improvement reduces their stress and helps create a healthy environment.
  • Neighbourly awareness and respect.
  • Optimisation of human resources being allocated to higher value-added tasks.

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U-Sound sensors

“The cost of the wireless sensors is less than other methods. In our case, more than just the accuracy itself, what is most interesting about the monitoring network is having continuous data available both day and night. It has allowed us to highlight the importance of the noise vector and to view levels continuously at night.

The sensor network now allows us to control changes in noise (peak traffic and activity times in the city) and check what is happening in response to citizen complaints. The public viewer is a way of enabling access to environmental information to the citizens of Girona and to enhance transparency.”

Nuria Mayol. Ajuntament de Girona

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