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Valletta, Malta: skyline from Marsans Harbour at sunset

Project description Parking guidance solution for Valleta, the tourist capital of Malta

Speed up parking in the tourist capital to ensure the influx of tourists and increase the satisfaction of citizens and local traders. 

Malta’s inbound visitors increased by 16% in 2017. As more tourists poured into the country, Valleta, the capital of Malta and a World Heritage Site, implemented a Controlled Vehicular Access scheme in order to avoid traffic congestion in the city. The CVA monitored vehicles entering and exiting the CVA boundary, automatically calculated the time a vehicle remained inside the Valletta CVA boundary and finally, computed the fee due for access and parking based on the tariffs issued by Transport Malta. In spite of this, navigating this walled city to find a parking slot that is not reserved exclusively for residents can be quite a challenge and visitors might decide not to spend time in the city if they are forced to park outside the center.

End-to-end service

The CVA Technology Company Ltd, the firm that manages the fee-based parking access scheme for the city, approached Fastprk in order to help ease this parking dilemma.
Fastprk One sensors were installed in parts of Triq Marsamxett and Triq San Bastjan, otherwise known as the Valletta ring road near Auberge de BavièreThe sensors send real-time parking occupancy data to the Fastprk app which guides drivers to the nearest available parking space.

Fastprk parking management system, uses wireless sensors that work on LoRa and Sigfox, to detect the status of each parking space, and send all occupancy information to a central management unit. The sensors have been proven to reach parking accuracy levels of more than 95% and can be deployed without repeaters for up to 500 meters, making them ideal for outdoor parking deployments. With the sensing technology being integrated in an advanced software solution, cities and operators can optimize parking spaces and provide parking information to citizens through an app, which is available for both IOS and Android.

As the number of tourists visiting a city increases, it is likely to contribute to traffic congestion, pollution and frustration, for both residents and visitors. Smart parking technology can help reduce these undesirable effects of a tourism boom, while enhancing city revenues from tourist spending, not only on food and accommodation, but even parking. Residents may have a more positive response towards visitors, and tourists will have a more enjoyable visit by not having to waste their precious vacation time simply looking for a place to park.

This solution includes:

  1. Fastprk wireless and autonomous sensors
  2. Guidance App
  3. Device management

Parking solution to detect the availability of free parking spaces on and off-street.


  • Reduction of time spent finding a parking space and more time to experience and enjoy the city.
  • Reduced traffic and CO2 emissions.
  • Increased satisfaction for tourists and residents.
  • Incremental revenues from parking and visitor arrivals.

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