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Project description Smart parking in Ibiza, Spain

Solve traffic congestion in the centre of Ibiza

Ibiza is an island with 133,000 inhabitants that receives more than 2 million tourists a year, mostly in the summer months. This seasonal influx complicated access to the centre and caused congestion of vehicles looking for parking in La Marina. This affected the well-being of the population and even had a negative impact on trade and the image of the area. The project that we implemented for the local government sought to:

  • Speed up parking in La Marina.
  • Reduce vehicle flow to the centre.
  • Improve the quality of life and satisfaction of residents and tourists.
  • Promote the shopping area of the centre.

Real-time information

U-Spot sensors were deployed on 85 parking spaces in La Marina. The data captured in real time is transformed into useful information that speeds up parking.

Improves accessibility and parking in the centre

Sensors were placed on the parking spaces of the sector of the Marina and an information panel installed at the access to d’Annibal St., so drivers are informed of the availability of spaces, avoiding unnecessary vehicle access in case it is full.

Improves citizen satisfaction and image of the Ibiza

The solution introduced has optimised parking management and enabled quicker access to the centre. Citizens are satisfied because they no longer waste time looking for parking, suffer less stress and have an improved quality of life. They have returned once again to the centre to shop, boosting local trade.

End-to-end service

In the smart city project developed in Ibiza, we based our proposal on solutions that meet both the needs of administrations and citizens. We developed an end-to-end system that provides a complete service:

  1. Sensing System
  2. Data transmission elements
  3. Software management platform

If you want to know how the complete solution works, find out at: Solutions for parking guidance

U-Spot, the wireless parking sensor that detects parking space occupancy: U-Spot

  • Greater rotation and occupancy of car park.
  • Reduction in traffic caused by looking for parking.
  • Stimulation of local trade.
  • Improved environmental quality.
  • Well-being and quality of life of citizens.

Reduction in traffic
Reduction in CO2 emissions
Reduction in time spent looking for parking
Improved image of the city

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