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ParkCTRL – APP parking guards

ParkCTRL is the app for managers to carry out a quick and efficient enforcement of the reserved area parking spaces. It allows the parking manager and guards to visualize in real time the parking infractions generated by the system.



  • Complete software solution for smart on-street parking enforcement
  • ParkCTRL is the software tool for the parking manager and guards to control the respect of the established on-street parking policy. Through its web and mobile APP versions, they can visualize in real time all parking infractions generated by U-Admin for all the use cases covered by Urbiotica: PRM, loading/unloading, limited time, pay-by-space, etc. By crossing the information captured by the U-Spot sensors with the user interactions (payment, declaration, time limit,…), parking infractions are generated and saved in the platform.

    ParkCTRL centralizes all the information to optimize the involvement of the guards, and thus the patrol planification. It avoids a car by car management based on systematic itineraries. The application includes filters, different views and treatment options. ParkCtrl app based on the sensor system gets the enforcement operations greatly improved.

  • ParkCTRL APP main features:
    • Android version
    • Real time alerts according to the parking rules defined by the manager
    • Filters per zone and space types
    • Infraction treatment form with option for comments
    • Notifications on blocked screen

    ParkCTRL includes a web version and back-office functionalities to manage the information published in the APP such as the guards’ accounts and the parking policies applied to the concerned spaces.

  • Back-office main features:
    • Configuration of controllers’ accounts
    • Authorization of mobile devices
    • Supervision of alerts and controllers’ activity
    • Historical alerts and treatment cause information

  • How it works?
    1. If drivers do not respect the established parking policy, an infraction is generated in U-Admin platform: payment default, user declaration default, maximum or paid time exceeded.
    2. An alert is associated to the infraction and is directly notified/ visualized in ParkCTRL. The manager and guard can filter the information per type or importance, to prioritize the enforcement and efficiently organize the control forces.
    3. Once the guard has legally treated the infraction, he acknowledges it in the APP and the information is saved for further statistical analysis.
    4. The manager oversees the whole system and guard activity to progressively improve and optimize the organization based on real time and reliable information

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