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ParkTime APP – APP for users

ParkTime is the mobile app for drivers to check-in the use of a reserved parking space. It also offers extra functionalities to users such as information related to parking availability and notifications of the remaining authorized time.



  • Free and regulated urban parking has its APP for drivers
  • ParkTime, together with the U-Spot parking sensors, is the pillar of an efficient control of free and regulated on-street parking. Whereas paying parking has so many payment means and APPs, uses cases such as disabled reserved parking spaces, loading /unloading operations, and  Shop & Drive (free / limited time parking) have been left over. With ParkTime, drivers now may easily get a parking ticket to indicate the administration they are duly using one of these spaces.

  • ParkTime main features:
    • Android & iOS versions
    • Public & private access
    • Multi cities APP
    • Parking availability information
    • Parking declaration to cross with sensor information
    • Automatized identification by geofence of parking spaces
    • Notifications on blocked screen
    • User info after parking: Where is my car? & Time remaining

    ParkTime has been designed to ease the use of special reserved parking spaces for drivers. Once logged-in, they benefit from real time parking space availability information to decide where to park. When entering a regulated parking space, the APP automatically notifies the user who should confirm the session is beginning. Afterwards, users may consult where their vehicle is parked to help them get back to it, and also access information concerning the remaining authorized time. The user is also notified when time is running out.

    ParkTime includes back-office functionalities to manage the information published in the APP, the authorized users, and the different parking policies linked to the concerned spaces.

  • Back-office main features:
    • Fully integrated to U-Admin
    • Categories according to parking space type: PRM, loading / unloading, electric vehicles, etc…
    • User management to deliver access to the APP: create, edit, delete and block
    • Authorize or not account creation from the APP

  • How it works?
    1. The user has previously obtained the credentials by creating an account through the APP or the city manager has provisioned it in the U-Admin platform. The city manager can manage authorized user accounts: create, edit and delete according to the policy and users’ status.
    2. The user parks on a regulated parking space. U-Spot sensor detects the presence of the new vehicle. The user is automatically notified by the APP having parked on a regulated parking area and must confirm it.
    3. The location is saved in the APP for the user to be able to find the way back to the vehicle and also be informed of the remaining authorized time. Users receive a notification when time is running out.
    4. Once the driver leaves, or when checked-in on another space, the session is finalized and saved in the system during a month.

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