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U-Admin – Control center

U-Admin is the web platform allowing the management of Urbiotica’ smart parking system. It includes real-time & analytics parking information dashboard, devices management application, as well as the APIs for integration in 3rd party systems.



  • Control Center, the all-in-one tool for the parking manager
  • The Control Center is composed of various sections including real-time management and different analytics options. The Control Center shows the information measured by Urbiotica sensing system in real time and its evolution in time, in a user-friendly way.

  • Real time: instantaneous overview of the parking spaces and areas status
    • Map of the installation with visualization filters
    • Occupancy status of the parking spaces with fraud alerts
    • Occupation of the various parking areas
    • Historical information per element
    • Variable message sign information and management


  • Parking Analytics. Analyze the use of the parking areas overtime to adjust the parking policy and guidance rule
    • Occupation and rotation rate by areas
    • Number of rotations
    • Parking sessions time
    • Number of entrances and exits for off-street parking
    • Comparison of parking and indicators
    • Heatmaps

  • Device Management, the tool to easily deploy and maintain the sensing system
  • It allows the configuration, installation and operation of Urbiotica’ sensing system and is available in web and mobile version for field tasks.

    It gives you access to all necessary technical information to correctly monitor the functioning of the system.

    You can also subscribe to technical alerts such as power alarm, connectivity to the platform or low battery to be notified in real time of any defaults threatening the services offered to the users.

    U-Admin web and mobile_map

  • Standardized APIs to maximize the use of the parking data
  • We offer modern APIs to allow you to integrate the data from Urbiotica’ sensing system into your own parking management software’s and cities platform. From unitary sensor information to aggregated parking availability or occupation, using the parking information within your own software environment becomes easy and natural. 

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