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U-Dump M2M waste management sensor

U-Dump M2M is a wireless sensor installed in waste containers or other types of containers to measure the filling percentage. The data is transmitted through the cellular network directly to the platform.

It lets you know when the container has reached its maximum fill level or when it has been emptied.


  • Filling information based on several measurements
  • Every hour the system generates new information on the filling percentage of the container based on the latest measurements produced by the sensor.

    The algorithm used to generate information prevents false filling and emptying alarms which could be produced due to the non-uniform distribution of waste inside the container.

    Based on real-time information it is possible to determine when the container has been filled or emptied and with the historical information make predictions and optimise collection routes.

  • Two operating modes
  • Fixed Mode: the measurement and transmission rate can be configured. By default the rates are 20 minutes and 8 hours respectively.

    Intelligent Mode: measures every 20 minutes but only transmits when an emptying of the container is detected or fill levels determined by the user are reached.

    In both cases, the measurement and transmission rates are configurable so that in case the filling rate is high it can provide an early alert and prevent overflow.

  • Flexible operator in GPRS/3G networks
  • The U-Dump M2M sensor includes an embedded SIM on chip card which operates worldwide and a SIM holder for use in case of preferring to transmit through a specific mobile network.

  • Distributed intelligence
  • The intelligence of the system is divided between the sensor and the cloud. The distance is calculated in the sensor from the echoes received by the ultrasonic transducer. The filling percentage is estimated in the platform based on the heights of the container configured during installation.

  • Easy and safe installation
  • The sensor is always installed from outside the container, ensuring the integrity and safety of the operators at all times.

    The sensor is secured using rivets on four points of its circumference so that it is firmly attached to the structure of the container minimising risk of vandalism. After installation the antenna rests on top of the container lid avoiding any alteration of the transmission in case the lid is metallic.

  • Works in all containers
  • The sensor works in any type of container whether underground or on-street, irrespective of its manufacturing material and for any type of fraction of waste or liquid. The maximum height of the container for complete reading of the fill level is 4 metres.

  • Fire detection and alert
  • U-Dump M2M detects the presence of fire inside the container and instantly sends an alert to the platform so that it notifies the indicated person or entity of the incident.


Features / Functions

  • Technology
  • U-Dump technology measures the distance between the sensor and the waste inside the container using an ultrasonic sensor especially designed for use in containers.

    The transducer is able to adjust its beam-width according to the dimensions and type of material of the container and the waste in its interior.

  • Reliability
  • To the technology and intelligence integrated in the sensor is added platform applied intelligence to calculate the filling percentage based on the latest distance measurements produced by the sensor.

  • Remote
  • M2M devices are managed remotely through U-Admin.

    • Configuration of operating modes, measurement times and transmission criteria, telephone operator and backup servers and networks.
    • Updating of sensor firmware.

  • Useful life
    • U-Dump is designed to work for 10 years in fixed and intelligent mode with the default measurement and transmission parameters and under normal environmental and coverage conditions.
    • It has successfully passed the IP67 waterproof tests, IK10 mechanical resistance and accelerated ageing tests. It guarantees its useful life even in very harsh conditions. 

  • Dimensions
  • Its casing has the following dimensions:

    • Base diameter: 96 mm
    • Upper area diameter: 145 mm
    • Height: 175 mm
    • Weight: approximately 1 kg

  • Design
    • The sensor has been designed to achieve maximum integration with the container.
    • It has no visible antennae.
    • Its coloured caps are camouflaged by the body of the container making their presence almost unnoticeable.

  • M2M
  • It transmits the data to the cloud periodically or by event through the GPRS or 3G cellular networks. If connection problems are detected due to network failures or problems with the server, the sensor will notify the platform by SMS.


    How our wireless sensor works in waste containers

    U-Dump M2M measures the distance between the sensor and the waste inside the container with an ultrasonic sensor and sends its information through the cellular network directly to the U-Base platform.

    In U-Base the data is processed and transformed into useful information. The filling percentage of the container is estimated based on the latest measurements produced by the sensor and fire alerts are generated.

    The information processed and stored in U-Base is distributed to different applications intended for:

    • Collection service managers: provide alerts on the status of containers in terms of fill levels and other incidents in order to optimise collection routes based on historical and real-time information.
    • The citizen: report the status of the closest containers.

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