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U-Flow traffic detection sensor

U-Flow is a battery-powered wireless traffic sensor which actively detects in real time the traffic volume, road occupancy and average travel speed of vehicles by road or lane; and it classifies them by sizes and by speed categories.



  • Highly accurate traffic detection sensors
  • U-Flow is able to detect up to 10,000 vehicles per day and dynamically adapt to changes in the traffic flow and types of vehicles on the road.

  • Integration with existing traffic management systems
  • Maintaining the intelligence in the cloud enables:

    • Integration of the sensor to existing traffic management devices, offering a complete picture of the traffic status on the road.
    • The application of advanced decision algorithms to detect vehicles adapted to the traffic environment. There is no information processing in the sensor, helping to guarantee that its lifetime up to 10 years. 

  • Design adapted to any type of road
  • U-Flow can be installed in:

    • Urban streets.
    • Town accesses and exits.
    • Roads and express roads.
    • Entrances and exits of outdoor car parks.

  • Easy to install. Minimum engineering work
  • It is easy and quick to install lasting approximately 10 minutes per sensor. It is wireless and requires minimum engineering work.

Features / Functions

  • Technology
  • U-Flow technology detects the change in the Earth’s magnetic field produced by the ferromagnetic composition of the vehicles, which occurs when a vehicle passes over the detection point on a lane, road or parking entrance/exit.

  • Reliability
  • This technology has proven to be robust and reliable in measuring traffic due to its immunity to weather conditions (rain, wind, snow or fog) and its ability to adapt to changes in the traffic flow and electromagnetic interference, being corrected by sophisticated cloud-based detection algorithms.

    It has more than 98% reliability in detecting traffic volume and speed and 95% reliability in determining road occupancy and vehicle size within a temperature range of -20⁰C to +65⁰C.

  • The sensor
  • The sensor is suitable for any type of road in an urban environment or on city peripheries, area roads and entrances to/exits from outdoor car parks.

    It has successfully passed the IP67 waterproof and IK10 mechanical resistance tests, which guarantee its lifetime. It is also able to work for up to 10 years with an ADT of up to 10,000 vehicles.

  • Communication
  • The communication range between the sensor to the nearest relay is 20 meters or more to different ISM bands.

  • Dimensions
  • Its housing has a diameter of 10.25 cm at its base, measures 10.6 cm at the top and has a height of 7 cm. Its weight is around 430 grams.

  • WSN
  • It transmits data to the cloud through the Urbiotica communication network, which usesthe communication standard protocal 802.15.4 IEEE at 2.4GHz.


    How our wireless traffic sensor works

    U-Flow sends its information through the Urbiotica communication network to the U-Base platform.

    U-Base determines whether a vehicle has passed by or not by applying advanced real-time algorithms, which consider the status of the sensor network and the traffic flow conditions in the environment. The data is processed and transformed into useful information such as:

    • Vehicle volume
    • Road occupancy
    • Traffic speed
    • Vehicle size
    • Capacity on roads, city accesses/exits and outdoor parking areas.

    This information is then stored in the U-Base database.

    There applications are focused on:

    • Road traffic management as it is used by traffic management centres in cities, road networks and areas/departments responsible for them.
    • Reporting to citizens on traffic conditions and mobility, in general.


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