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U-Sound – noise indicator

U-Sound is an autonomous and wireless acoustic sensor designed to measure noise in the city. It makes continuous measurements and every minute, it sends a new equivalent continuous sound level value (LAeq1’) through the communication network. This information is available in the cloud and can be consulted in real time remotely.

From the data captured by the sensor, it is possible to generate other indicators (e.g.: LN, LDEN) and alerts for exceeding the previously defined noise levels.

The quality of the sensor’s measurement is equivalent to a Class II sound level meter.



  • Continuous noise monitoring network
  • U-Sound allows 24h a day 7 day a week fully autonomous noise monitoring. It enables the creation of a permanent monitoring network for controlling a city’s trouble spots and configuring alerts for cases where the established noise levels are exceeded.

  • Remote access to data
  • The information sent by the sensor and the resulting indicators are stored on the Urbiotica platform, which means the data is accessible in real time and measurements can be consulted remotely.

  • Economic efficiency and quality
  • This new technology based on the Internet of Things allows you to create a permanent monitoring network at the best price, with minimum maintenance and measurement quality equivalent to a Class II sound level meter.

  • Design, robustness and durability
  • U-Sound was carefully designed to integrate with the aesthetics of the environment, to guarantee the robustness of the hardware and communications and to have a 10 year lifespan.


Features / Functions

  • Measurement quality
  • The measurement range is from 40 dB(A) to 110 dB(A) with an accuracy of ±2dB and a resolution of 0.1 dB. Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

  • Communication
  • Communication is through the Urbiotica WSN network (IEEE 802.15.4 at 2.4 GHz) and the maximum distance in relation to the communication elements is 100 metres.

    The communication between the gateway and the platform is configurable: WiFi, Ethernet or 3G.  

  • Power Supply
  • It includes rechargeable batteries. It is powered by the lighting system or solar panels (U-Sun).

  • Environment
  • The operating temperature range is -33°C to 65°C and it has wind and rain protection.

  • Dimensions
  • The total height is 34 cm (microphone included), 7 cm wide and 16 cm long.



    How our noise monitoring sensor works

    U-Sound measures the equivalent continuous sound level with an integration period of one minute. Each new measurement is sent in real-time to the U-Base platform through the Urbiotica communication network.

    In U-Base, the noise level per minute is used as “seed” data for:

    • Obtain aggregate values with a longer integration time: 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
    • Calculate the noise indicators established in European Directive 2002/49/EC: «Lden», «Lday», «Levening» and «Lnight».
    • Obtain the L90, L50 and L10 percentiles which show the background noise, average and most intense value within a time period, respectively.

    The information stored in U-Base is distributed to the VisorAcustic application which is accessible to both the manager and citizen through private or public use interfaces.

    What’s more, through standard protocol integration services, the information can be integrated with any existing management platform or system.


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