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U-Spot – parking sensor

U-Spot is a wireless and autonomous parking sensor that uses magnetic technology to detect in real time the entrance and the exit of vehicles in parking spaces as well as their parking sessions.



  • Design suitable to different use cases
  • Regulated parking (paiying, time limited, reserved spots for handicapped people and for loading/unloading) and dynamic guidance in cities, private parking areas and shopping centers thanks to the integration with informative and digital panels and with full solutions of parking guidance and management.

  •  High accuracy in detection and vehicles rotation
  • It detects instantly any change in the occupation of the spot due to its immediate reaction with accuracy equal to or greater than 98%. Using the occupancy information, the durations of the parking sessions can be provided with a high reliability.

  •  Installation in 10 minutes without maintenance
  • The sensor is installed in 10 minutes without wires and with minimal civil work. It calibrates automatically and it can be deployed in the curb or sidewalk without the need of removing the vehicles already parked, thus making the installation of the solution way easier.

  •  Lifetime up to 10 years
  • The sensor is autonomous in energy by using batteries that give it a lifetime up to 10 years .

  •  High capacity of integration with existing systems
  • Our integration services use standard protocols (REST, AMQP) that allow sensors’ information to be integrated with any platform, mobile application or management system of parking already in operation.

  •  Intelligence in cloud
  • Processing the information in the cloud allows accuracy levels to remain high; thus maximizing the sensors’ lifetime, cancelling out any magnetic effect of the environment, providing the possibility of installing the sensors out of the parking spot getting rid of any maintenance.

Features / Functions

  • Technology
  • The sensor uses the technology of measuring the Earth’s magnetic field to detect the vehicle presence in a parking spot.

    The measuring rate is configurable (3, 5, 10 or 30 seconds; 10 per default) to adapt to the different use cases.

  • Reliability
  • The detection accuracy of the sensor is equal to or greater than 98% along its 10 years lifetime.

    It adapts to its environment under the influence of nearby vehicles, new urban metallic furniture and electromagnetic interferences thanks to sophisticated algorithms of detection applied in the cloud.

  • Communication
  • The sensor transmits its information through the communication network using the U-Sense proprietary protocol at sub-GHz ISM bands. The communication network channels the sensor’s information to the cloud utilizing the standard communication protocol IEEE 802.15.4 at 2.4 GHz.

    The maximum distance between the sensor and communication network is up 200 meters.

  • Environment
  • The sensor is suitable for any outdoor parking area, either at public roads or out of them, and for any kind of vehicle (light and heavy).

    Its operating temperature ranges between -33°C and 65°C and it has an IP67 waterproof and IK10 mechanical resistance protections. These features provide it immunity and robustness under any meteorological events (rain, win, snow or fog).

  • Dimensions
  • The total height is 8.3 cm with a base diameter of 9.5 cm y of 6.8 cm at the top. It weights around 160 grams.


    How our parking sensor works

    The sensor measures the Earth’s magnetic field variation in a parking spot. When this field changes considerably, regarding the last measurement made, the sensor sends its information to the cloud through the Urbiotica’s WSN network.

    The cloud process the magnetic field value sent by the sensor by applying sophisticated algorithms to determine in real time the in real time the entrance and the exit of vehicles in parking spaces as well as their parking sessions.

    The information stored in U-Admin is distributed to user’s applications:

    • To guide citizens within the city.
    • For the manager to enforce parking policy.

    What’s more, through standard protocol integration services, the information can be integrated with any platform, mobile application and existing management system

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