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U-Spot Duo – Double detection

Fastprk is a vertical IoT solution that detects in real time and with great reliability the presence of any type of vehicle in outdoor parking spaces. Fastprk DUO is a flush sensor that combines magnetic and infrared detection and transmits the parking availability information to the cloud using the LoRa protocol.




  • High precision in detection and rotation of vehicles
  • The Fastprk DUO sensor instantly detects any change in seat occupation due to its immediate reaction with 98% accuracy. Parking session information is provided with high reliability.

  • Double detection technology
  • Thanks to double detection technology, the combination of both magnetic and infrared sensors allows the sensor to be calibrated immediately after installation and to maintain its high accuracy over time, even in scenarios with high magnetic noise.

  • LoRa wireless communication
  • Fastprk’s energy-efficient, long range wireless communication network (LPWA) created with LoRa industrial gateways is easily scalable, offering long-range communication as well as signal redundancy. It is a robust system and guarantees reliable communication over time. The gateways can send sensor messages to the cloud with mobile networks or via LAN.

  • Installation in 10 minutes with no maintenance required
  • The sensor can be installed in 10 minutes, without cables and with minimal civil work. It requires a low number of network devices thanks to long-range communication LoRa. The gateways’ installation is also very easy and fast. The sensor’s double encapsulation means that maintenance work takes no more than 3 minutes and calibration is carried out continuously on the sensor.
    Fastprk’s established software tools and processes ensure good system deployment and therefore minimal maintenance.

  • 10 year lifetime
  • The sensor is energy independent. It is powered by batteries. Its lifetime (up to 10 years) is optimized thanks to LPWA communication and double detection technology even in case of high magnetic disturbances. The design of the devices ensures robustness and good performance over time.

  • Complete software package
  • The Fastprk software package offers all the tools needed to manage the entire life of the project, from system configuration and installation to performance monitoring and analysis of the generated information.

  • Easily integrated with other existing systems
  • Our integration services use standard protocols that allow sensor information to be integrated with any platform, mobile application or parking management system already in operation.

Characteristics / functions

  • Technology
  • The sensor uses a patented dual detection technology that combines an infrared sensor (detects physical presence on it) and a magnetic sensor (measures the earth’s magnetic field) to detect the presence of the vehicle in a parking space.

    It checks every 7 seconds if there is a change in the parking space’s status.

  • Reliability
  • The sensor’s detection accuracy is 98% over its 10-year lifetime, even in cases of high magnetic disturbance.

    The system’s intelligence relies in the sensor, where the combination of technologies allows its continuous calibration to adapt to environmental influences.

  • Communication
  • The sensor transmits its information through the gateway using the LoRa protocol in sub-GHz ISM bands. The Gateway channels the information from the sensor to the cloud using one of its IP interfaces (4G or Ethernet).

    The maximum distance between the sensor and the communication network is 400 meters with a 360º coverage. The devices are CE and FCC certified.
    The sensor is also compatible with the LoRaWAN standard.

  • Environment
  • The sensor is suitable for any outdoor parking space, either on the public road or off it, and for any type of vehicle (light or heavy).

    The devices have the following operating temperature ranges:
    • Sensor: operating temperature range from -30°C to 70°C and ingress protection of IP67. It has a mechanical resistance degree of IK10.
    • Gateway: operating temperature range from -40°C to 60°C and ingress protection of IP67. It has a mechanical resistance degree of IK07.
    These characteristics provide the devices with immunity and robustness under any weather condition or situation (night, rain, snow, or fog).

  • Dimensions
  • The total height of the sensor is 71 mm with a diameter of 120 mm. It weighs about 435 grams. The double-encapsulated design allows easy replacement of the sensor when the battery is empty.

    The dimensions of the Gateway are 100 x 265 x 165 mm. It includes a detachable omnidirectional antenna. It can be powered by PoE (802.3af) or an external DC power supply (transformer included).

    How does the Fastprk system work?

    Fastprk System |Urbiotica


    The sensor combines the infrared information with the measurement of magnetic field variation in a parking space. When it detects a change in the occupancy status, it sends the information to the cloud via the LoRa.

    The Fastprk platform registers the entry and exit of vehicles from each parking space and stores the session information.

    The information stored on the Fastprk platform is transmitted to the user’s applications:

    • Guiding citizens within the city through variable signage panels and/or mobile Apps.
    • Control system for established regulations’ application to ensure the proper use of the parking places.

    In addition, through standard protocol integration services, the information can be integrated with any existing platform, mobile application, and management system.

    Fastprk elements

    Sensor Fastprk - detail | Urbiotica

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