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U-Sun – sustainable solar panel

U-Sun is a solar panel with an assembly kit for installing on street lamps, poles or walls.

It provides the U-Flag and U-Sound devices with an alternative and sustainable power source, quickly, easily and economically.



  • Solar power source for
    • Facilities with difficult access to electricity sources to power the devices.
    • Deployments of temporary networks.

  • Adapted to different latitudes
  • There are two types of panels available that adapt to practically the whole world radiation levels.

    In all cases a preliminary study is carried out to determine the power of the panel suited to the location.

  • Stores energy
  • The U-Sun orientation and inclination can be adjusted depending on the installation location and its environment in order to obtain maximum radiation to fully charge the batteries during daylight hours and therefore achieve seven days of autonomy.

  • Minimum cost
  • The U-Sun solar panel can be installed on street lamps, posts or walls at a very low cost and maintenance free.

Features / Functions

  • Installation
    • In the northern hemisphere the solar panel should face south.
    • In the southern hemisphere it should face north.
    • For correct operation, the solar panel must have a direct view of the sun during half the number of hours of sunlight throughout the year.

  • Compatibility
  • U-Sun is compatible with U-Flag and U-Sound.

  • Dimensions
    • Solar panel (10W): 350 x 290 x 15 mm
    • Solar panel (20W): 645 x 285 x 18 mm
    • Weight: from 3.2 Kgs (10W).

  • Range
  • The maximum separation distance between U-Sun and the elements to be powered is half a metre, determined by the cable length connecting them.


    How our solar panels work

    • U-Sun is the alternative power source for the U-Flag and U-Sound devices.
    • Making the connection between the devices is simple and quick.
    • The energy generated by the panels is accumulated in the internal batteries of U-Sun which at the same time power the batteries of the devices connected to it.

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