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Visor Acustic open data platform

VisorAcustic is the noise monitoring web application. It consist of two interfaces, one pubic and one private, for both citizens and managers and citizen access to the information. VisorAcustic shows the information measured by Urbiotica’s sensor system in real time and the evolution in time, in a user-friendly way.



  • Noise pollution indicators
  • Captura
    From the LAeq1’ data measured by the U-Sound, VisorAcustic shows the most relevant noise pollution indicators following the formulas established on the European Directive 2002/49/CE: LDEN, LN, etc. and other statistical indicators such as 90 and 10 percentiles to make better understanding of the city noise environment.

  • Features for managers
  • Captura3

    • Private access with user and password
    • Real time information on a city map
    • Access and download historical data
    • Receive email alerts when maximum noise limits are exceeded
    • Acoustic quality indicators visualization in calendar format

  • Features for citizens
  • Captura2

    • Public access with no registration required
    • Real time information on a city map
    • Access to historical data in graphic format

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