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Upswing in intelligent parking in Latin America in the next few years

This is a unique time to choose Smart Cities solutions, and specifically Smart Parking or Intelligent Parking in Latin American cities because of the existing needs among citizens and the more economical technological improvements.

Urbiotica is a benchmark in the sector offering intelligent parking solutions, with projects implemented all over the world. We have technological partners and commercial distributors throughout the entire Latin American market.

We have been leading the Internet of Things revolution applied to Smart Cities since 2008. We have multiple international projects which make us a benchmark technology company for products and solutions that improve the management of urban services.

Today, 80% of the population of Latin America lives in large cities

São Paulo, Mexico City, Bogotá, Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio... these are just some of the megacities that have to manage human mobility, pollution and energy efficiency.

The market for Smart Cities will be valued at $1.565 billion in 2020

Predictions are for huge developments in areas like managing traffic, parking, noise and waste. Urbiotica operates in all of these areas with cutting-edge yet reliable solutions.

The parking reservation market will be valued at $1.2926 billion in 2019

Estimated annual growth will be 20.9% between 2014 and 2019. This includes businesses as well as payment models, off-street and on-street management and information in real time.

Testimony from Entel - smart parking project in Chile

  • URBIOTICA | Customers | Entel | Cristian Vera
    "We thought that Urbiotica’s proposal was interesting in both the technological and commercial senses. It is the solution with the highest-frequency sensing on the market (10 seconds), and it offers great options in terms of communication (Wi-Fi and cellular). Commercially speaking, it is an end-to-end solution, plus it has a local presence in Chile, which means that it offers the support needed to implement this kind of project. In our opinion, there are three important points of the solutions we have implemented with Urbiotica. The first is the quickness with which it is implemented, a very important point when you are intervening on urban infrastructures that are already in use; the second, similar to the first, is that the installation of all the equipment is not very invasive to the urban infrastructures, and the third is the possibility of monitoring and making any post-installation adjustment needed remotely."

    Cristian Aguila / Entel /

Urbiotica, your partner for intelligent parking solutions

At Urbiotica we have developed a range of intelligent parking solutions that cover the different needs of citizens and public administrations.

We offer an end-to-end solution so that all you have to worry about is the project and the city’s specific needs. We provide the sensor system, the data storage and processing, integration and management platforms for the solutions, variable information systems for citizens and extensive experience in developing and implementing Smart Parking projects.

Aprovecha la oprotunidad de smart parking con Urbiotica


Regulated parking

See regulated parking 

Our regulated parking stands out because:

  • It increases the production, occupancy and rotation of vehicles.
  • It improves control over the usage and payment of parking places.
  • It improves mobility.
  • It satisfies users with better service, thus increasing the frequency of visits.
  • It creates new added-value services for citizens


Guided parking

See guided parking 

Our guided parking stands out because:

  • It guides users with real-time information on the availability of parking places in the parking lot.
  • It saves time when parking and thus lower citizens’ stress levels.
  • It prevents traffic congestion.
  • It improves environmental quality.

Private parking

See private parking 

Our parking solutions in private places like airports or shopping centers stand out because:

  • They have informative panels that reflect the availability of parking places in the area.
  • They save time when parking and thus avoid the usual traffic congestion.
  • They improve the customer experience and thus raise the likelihood that they will come back.

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