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The challenge – increase parking rotations for a more equitable use of the spots

The traditional management of regulated parking areas requires a huge investment in human resources to perform tasks with little added value for citizens.

Numerous city centres must nowadays fight with the competition of shopping malls and a recurrent lack of free parking spaces due to an abusive use of parking spaces resulting in a lack of rotations. This situation has led to a significant reduction of attendance in local shops that can end in a desertion of the centre.

On the other hand, the citizens’ expectations about better and digitalised public services are continuously increasing, which implies that the modernization of the on-street parking management appears as a key challenge to improve cities’ mobility and hold back people looking for a better experience into the city centre.

Public administrations must bring innovative and efficient answersto boost their territory and attract once again citizens and visitors.

On-street parking

The solution

We offer all the technological components and services required for an efficient control of regulated parking in the city. Thanks to our parking sensor U-Spot, you can from now on know with accuracy when a vehicle parks on a spot and how long it stays, which allow you ensure that people respect the parking time defined and automatize the control of payment:

  • Outdoor wirelessparking spot sensor to know in real-time the entrance and exit of each vehicle in every spot, and thus their parking time
  • Remote management platform to configure, install and maintain the system
  • Standardized APIs for parking data integration in your parking management software and tools
  • For on-street parking enforcement without payment, we offer our integrated software solution of time control based on a web application for the manager and mobile alerting systems for wardens

Once you get information from parking spot occupancy, it becomes very easy to guide drivers toward areas with availability. Take a look at our urban parking guidance system.

On-Street Parking control

Solution benefits

The control of parking spot use push users to better respect the policy and time allowed for parking

Real-time alerts about parking infractions guide wardens directly to the spot to control

Time saved by not controlling cars respecting the parking policy can be used for information of citizens and visitors

Drivers will naturally avoid parking areas that doesn’t match with their needs (time, cost, …) and prefer the adapted transportation solution

Solutions for

Generate free parking spots to access to the city centres shops by increasing the vehicles rotations

Ensure parking availability for carrier to avoid trucks double parking

Ensure parking availability for persons with reduced mobility by controlling the use of the dedicated spots

Cross data from payment systems with real-time parking duration for a complete and automatized enforcement

On-street parking analytics_web

Why do we stand out?

  • 98% accurate, robust, wireless and autonomous parking spot sensor
  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Easy integration of parking data into existing control software
  • 12,000 parking sensors installed worldwide

Parking sensing system

U- Spot M2MU- SpotU- Box



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