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The challenge

Speed up parking for employees and modernize the image of the company

Parking areas in large offices, factories and logistic centres can be chaotic and results in an enormous waste of time for employees, visitors, and suppliers. It also causes stress, discomfort and traffic congestion in the surroundings. The difficulty for employees to find parking spaces when traveling to work affects their productivity and company loyalty.

Companies and facility managers seek solutions to improve accessibility and parking. They want to offer a more positive and motivating experience to their employees as well as increase their productivity and enhance the innovative image of the company.

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The solution

We offer all the technological components required for the guidance of drivers within the parking areas.

There are two detection methods depending on the type of parking:

Solution using U-Spot simple space sensors a sensor is places in each parking space. The system collects the precise information on the status of each parking spot and transmits the information of the available spaces to the user through Variable Message Signs.

Guidance to the parking spot

Solution using U-Flow counting sensors: used when there are well-defined parking areas with clear antrances and exits. Sensors are installed at the entrances and exits to count how many vehicles anter and how many leave. Considering the total capacity previously set-up, the system calculates the total availability and transmits it to the users through Variable Message Signs. 

Guidance to the parking area 


Thanks to our flexible and accurate sensing system and customizable dynamic message signs, you can from now on help employees and visitors find quickly a place to park:

The guidance solution includes: 

  • U-Spot Wireless sensors for single space detection and/or U-Flow counting sensors to detect and transmit in real time the availability of spaces.
  • Dynamic and high-quality message signs adapted to urban environments, which transmit the information related to the availability of free spaces.
  • Mobile application for citizens to know in real time the status of available spaces as well as the defined regulation.
  • Management web and mobile applications for device management and parking use analyzing.
  • API for the integration of the system with third-party systems, (other car parks equipped with access controls systems already implemented in the city).

    The solution can also be complemented with some other options/solutions aiming on the efficient management of the parking use to increase rotations and consequently the availability of free spaces.

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The benefits

Employees and visitors are guided directly to a parking area with free spots thanks to Dynamic Message Signs and do not waste time driving unnecessarily.

By loosing less time parking, the stress of visitors and employees is drastically reduced, keeping them focus and productive for their working day.

As they are welcomed by an innovative guidance system, people feel before even leaving their car that they have reached a place with a strong corporate image.

Improve the quality of life of the surroundings by reducing the traffic caused by the search of free parking spaces.

The accurate knowledge of the parking areas’ use by the employees allow you planning better the localization and space dedicated to parking, as well as the global mobility within the site.

Solution for

Facilitate the mobility of your employees by saving them daily time and stress.

Manage the flow of vehicles by driving people to the right parking area.

Impact your visitors and improve the loyalty of your employees by sending them an innovative image from the moment they reach the place.

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Why do we stand out?

  • Flexible, accurate, robust, wireless and autonomous sensing system
  • Counting sensors for wide parking areas
  • Parking spot sensors for executives and VIP visitors
  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Remote monitoring
  • Fully integrated guidance options
  • 12,000 parking sensors installed worldwide

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