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The challenge

Reduce the time and energy spent looking for parking space

The parking guidance solution for shopping areas is the answer to the customer’s headaches when it comes to finding a free parking spot.

Parking areas in shopping malls, airports, train stations and hospitals are sometimes a great chaos. It’s really hard to find a space to park which causes a big waste of time for drivers. It generates vehicle congestion at the entrances, stress and discomfort. The difficulty of users to find a free spot to park affects their willingness to buy and their loyalty to the brand. It often causes rejection and customers end up looking for alternative shopping area options.  

Owners are constantly looking for solutions to improve the global accessibility and user experience. They want to provide a more satisfying and faster parking experience, and thus increase customer affluence.

The solution 

The parking guidance solution equips each parking space or the entrances and exits of a parking area with wireless sensors. The sensors detect the presence or passage of vehicles, to transform this data into useful information for the management and more efficient use of the parking space.  

The information collected by the system transmits the free parking options to the drivers through Variable Message Signs and/or APPs. The guidance solution reduces the search time, and consequently the traffic in the area, thus reducing the chaos and stress suffered, favoring a good customer experience, brand loyalty, as well as the affluence of public.  

On the other hand, the parking managers have access to the data generated on the platform, where they can configure and review all the activity taking place in the parking. They can follow the evolution of the rotations and occupation of the different zones and have precise information for decision making based on real data.

There are two detection methods depending on the type of parking: 

Solution using U-Flow counting sensors: used when there are well-defined parking areas with clear antrances and exits. Sensors are installed at the entrances and exits to count how many vehicles anter and how many leave. Considering the total capacity previously set-up, the system calculates the total availability and transmits it to the users through Variable Message Signs.

Guidance to the parking area

Solution using U-Spot simple space sensors: a sensor is places in each parking space. The system collects the precise information on the status of each parking spot and transmits the information of the available spaces to the user through Variable Message Signs.

Guidance to the parking spot

The guidance solution includes:

  • U--Spot Wireless sensors for single space detection and/or U-Flow counting sensors to detect and transmit in real time the availability of spaces.
  • Dynamic and high-quality message signs adapted to urban environments, which transmit the information related to the availability of free spaces.
  • Management web and mobile applications for device management and parking use analyzing.
  • API for the integration of the system with third-party systems, (other car parks equipped with access controls systems already implemented in the city).

How it Works?


  1. The driver goes to a free space guided by the information displayed on a dynamic message sign and/or a user mobile app and parks his vehicle. The U-Spot sensor detects the arrival of the vehicle and sends the information to the platform.
  2. The platform collects the data and transforms it into updated information, and transmits it through the dynamic message signs and/or apps, indicating the new availability status, which in this case means one free space less.
  3. When the vehicle goes away, U-Spot no longer detects its presence, and sends information again so that the system transmits that the space is unoccupied again.
  4. In U-Admin platform, the manager can handle the published information, as well as configure, supervise and consult all the system’s activity.


  1. The driver goes to a parking area and accesses it through a well-defined entrance. The U-Flow sensor installed at this entrance detects that the vehicle drives over it and sends the information to the platform.
  2. The platform collects the data and recalculates the availability based on the total capacity of the parking vs this new access and sends the updated data to the dynamic message signs and/or the user apps, indicating in this case a free space less.
  3. When the vehicle exits the area and passes over the U-Flow sensor intalled in the exit lane, the process takes place in reverse. The system transmits the updated data indicating one more free space to the total available in the parking area.
  4. Whenever reserved parking spaces (PRM, electric vehicles…) are monitored with U-Spot sensors, they detect vehicles parking over and send the information to the platform. It can be deduced from normal space availability and information is given to the users according to the defined space category.
  5. At U-Admin platform, the manager can handle the published information, as well as configure, supervise and consult all the system’s activity.

DMS Martorell


The benefits

Visitors are guided directly to a free space through Variable Message Signs and don’t waste time looking for a parking space.

Visitors waste less time parking. They come without stress and have a better shopping experience.

A better parking experience eases customer returning and recommendations to friends and family

The technological solutions incorporated transmit the image of an innovative company. Together with a good experience, it improves customer perception and brand positioning.

– Precise knowledge of the customers’ use of the parking spaces provides information such as visiting time, time-frequency, and preferred areas.
– It allows the advanced analysis of the behavior and enables the implementation of action plans .


Control Center Martorell_web

Why do we stand out?

  • It’s the only technology in the world combining counting and single space detection systems using the same communication and software infrastructure.
  • Robust devices and communication system for reliable and maintenance-free vehicle detection.
  • Easy integration of availability information into existing systems through a modern and standardized API.  
  • Complete solution from the detection to Variable Message Signs.

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