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The challenge

Control of reserved loading and unloading parking spaces to ensure the compliance of the regulations defined for delivery areas

Parking spots and areas reserved for loading and unloading operations have a key role in urban mobility. Every day a multitude of deliveries or good collections depend on the availability of a nearby parking space. In most cities, these are the areas where most parking infractions occur. 

The misuse in these areas results in trucks and vans double parking which impacts very negatively on urban mobility.  The control must be ensured and efficient. 

The solution 

These areas have 2 main features 

  • The spaces are reserved exclusively for delivery vehicles. 
  • Each parking session cannot exceed a maximum time established which is usually around 20 or 30 minutes. 

Urbiotica’s solution for the parking control of loading and unloading parking spots allows the service managers to be remotely alerted of possible offences such as time exceed or unauthorized parking. 

The system includes: 

  • U-Spot M2M gateway-less sensors installed in each parking space.

  • APP for authorized users through which they check-in once they park their vehicle and may consult parking availability as well.

  • ParkCtrl: control APP for a quick and efficient enforcement.

  • U-Admin Web Platform: for the management of the system (sensors, regulation set-up, users), and analysis of the use of the parking areas (rotations, duration, fraud).

  • API to integrate with any third-party system (user or control).

How it works? 

  1. The carrier parks in a loading and unloading space. U-Spot M2M sensor detects the presence of the new vehicle.  
  2. The user checks-in through the Parking APP to notify he parked in a specific or within a group of parking spaces. 

  3. If the user doesn’tcheck-inor in case the maximum time defined is exceeded, an alert is sent to the parking guard.

  4. When the vehicle leaves or if the parking infraction is dealt with by the guard, the alert is deactivated and saved.

  5. By accessing U-Admin, the manager can set-up, monitor and consult all system activity: spaces, usage rules, PRM user and guards accounts.


Solution benefits

The identification and control of the users parked in each parking space achieves a drastic infraction reduction in the loading and unloading area.

The control of the maximum authorized time respect increases the rotations in the area and therefore impacts favorably on the space availability.

The information provided to the users together with a greater parking availability, eases and speeds up finding a free space for loading or unloading. Helping to find a free space prevents users from looking for alternatives such as double parking.

The real-time visualization of the alerts allows the optimization of the control operations as well as the resources destined to this management, being able to prioritize the areas with more infractions.

The reduction of infractions and compliance with regulations reduces the number of vehicles double parked and makes parking faster, providing a better traffic flow in cities.

The authorized users have real time information about where to find an available place, which optimizes their transport operations and increases their efficiency and satisfaction.

Why do we stand out?

  • Autonomous, reliable and robust detection system. Easy and affordable deployment and maintenance thanks to U-Spot M2M sensors, without the need of a Gateway.
  • The APP for users facilitates and encourages the use by providing them with information on the availability of free spaces, as well as services such as alert notices once the authorized time has expired.
  • The manager and the guard tools ease the control and planning of the parking areas thanks to the real-time visualization of the infractions in the APP, as well as the operation analysioptions offered.  

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