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The challenge

Promote public transport by making park and ride areas available to users, where they may quickly find a free parking spot by following the information generated by a guidance solution

One of the main objectives of the public administration is to reduce urban traffic to a minimum, and thus as all the congestion it produces and its effects on pollution. Huge efforts are made to develop parking infrastructures outside the city center, such as park and ride parking (P+R) areas, where drivers may park and get to their final city destinations through softer  methods, making cities centers much nicer and healthier.

However, convincing drivers that this the best option is not an easy challenge. So, in order to succeed, various levers must be actioned:

High city parking prices and reduced transportation costs.

Good mobility experience. A well-integrated information system giving detailed indications about the door-to-door multimodal trip is a key factor of success. Plus  drivers must be able to easily find a place to park at the P+R areas.

The solution

The parking guidance solution for park and ride facilities consists in equipping their entrances and exits and reserved spaces areas with wireless sensors. The sensors detect vehicles passing over in the first case and their presence in the second, to generate useful real time parking availability information.

The information collected by the system is used to determine the number of free parking spaces for regular use, as well as for disabled users, electrical vehicles or any other reserved category existing in the parking area. The information is transmitted to the drivers through multimodal platforms, APPs and/or dynamic message signs. The P+R guidance solution offers an ideal way to promote alternative transportation modes, resulting in lower urban congestion and the pollution generated by it, and consequently eases the well-being of citizens.

The parking managers may access the data generated on the platform, where they can set-up and review all the activity taking place in the car parks. They have precise information concerning the use of the parking areas and reserved spaces, which is good for decision making based on real data.

Solution using U-Flow counting sensors: used when there are well-defined parking areas with clear antrances and exits. Sensors are installed at the entrances and exits to count how many vehicles anter and how many leave. Considering the total capacity previously set-up, the system calculates the total availability and transmits it to the users through Variable Message Signs.

Whenever there are reserved spaces for special uses, U-Spot simple space sensors can be installed in each of them to determine the number of free spaces per category.

The guidance solution includes:

  • U-Flow counting sensors and/or U-Spot Wireless sensors for single space detection to detect and transmit in real time the availability of spaces.
  • Dynamic and high-quality message signs adapted to urban environments, which transmit the information related to the availability of free spaces.
  • Mobile application for citizens to know in real time the status of available spaces as well as the defined regulation.
  • Management web and mobile applications for device management and parking use analyzing.

How it works? 


  1. The driver goes to a parking area and accesses it through a well-defined entrance. The U-Flow sensor installed at this entrance detects that the vehicle drives over it and sends the information to the platform.
  2. The platform collects the data and recalculates the availability based on the total capacity of the parking vs this new access and sends the updated data to the dynamic message signs and/or the user apps, indicating in this case a free space less.
  3. When the vehicle exits the area and passes over the U-Flow sensor intalled in the exit lane, the process takes place in reverse. The system transmits the updated data indicating one more free space to the total available in the parking area.
  4. Whenever reserved parking spaces (PRM, electric vehicles…) are monitored with U-Spot sensors, they detect vehicles parking over and send the information to the platform. It can be deduced from normal space availability and information is given to the users according to the defined space category.
  5. At U-Admin platform, the manager can handle the published information, as well as configure, supervise and consult all the system’s activity.

Solution benefits

Informing about parking availability and the alternative transportation options helps drivers decide to leave their car before entering the city.

Information regarding the availability of parking is accessible through the Internet, allowing users to consult the status and plan their journey based on real time options.

Drivers are guided through the dynamic message signs and/or user mobile applications to the areas with available spaces avoiding the circulation of vehicles in search of a free space to park.

Guiding vehicles to the park and ride areas with free spots reduces significantly the urban traffic generated by vehicles driving around in search of a parking space. It means a proportional decrease in the pollution generated.
Users park more easily, reducing their stress and increasing their satisfaction and well-being.

Reducing the city center chaos created by an important flow of particular vehicles driving around makes citizens more willing to travel to the center for shopping.

Why do we stand out?

  • The only technology in the world combining counting and single space detection systems using the same communication and software infrastructure.
  • Robust devices and communication system for reliable and maintenance-free vehicle detection.
  • Simple software integration with multimodal platform through modern and standardized APIs.
  • Integrated solution from the detection to guidance APPs and dynamic message signs.

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