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The challenge

Pay-by-space parking control to reduce on-street parking fraud and the related costs

Most of the on-street parking enforcement operations are carried out systematically, street by street and without any previous knowledge of any possible fraud incurred by users. It remains one of the last urban service with such a lack of efficiency. The most common model requires expansive parking meters, a considerable amount of staff, and all in all to offer a service which is poorly perceived by the citizens, whom in addition are very creative in committing fraud.

The respect of the on-street parking policy is critical in many cases, not to mention that the extra revenues are often necessary to finance other alternative transportation options.

The challenge for city managers and parking operators lies on the capacity of improving and optimizing the service by the means of implementing technology.  

The solution 

The pay-by-space model using single space detection parking sensors offers many benefits regarding the traditional service.  It brings efficiency to the control as well as real time information for the users related to parking space availability, which totally changes the citizen perception regarding the service.

Urbiotica’ solution for the control of on-street pay-by-space parking allows the service managers and local police to be remotely alerted in case of payment default or time exceeded sessions and thus only intervene to fine offending users.

The system includes:

  • U-Spot sensors installed in each parking space.

  • APP for authorized users through which they check-in once they park their vehicle and may consult parking availability as well.

  • ParkCtrl: control APP for a quick and efficient enforcement.

  • U-Admin Web Platform: for the management of the system (sensors, regulation set-up, users), and analysis of the use of the parking areas (rotations, duration, fraud).

  • API to integrate with any third-party system (user or control).

How it works?

  1. The user parks on a numbered parking space. The U-Spot sensor detects the presence of the new vehicle.
  2. The user pays using one of the existing payment means (APP, parking meter, …) precising the indicated parking spot number. The payment means are integrated with U-Admin to generate the alerts.

  3. If the user doesn’tcheck-inor in case the maximum time defined is exceeded, an alert is sent to the parking guard.

  4. When the vehicle leaves or if the parking infraction is dealt with by the guard, the alert is deactivated and saved.

  5. By accessing U-Admin, the manager can set-up, monitor and consult all system activity: spaces, usage rules, PRM user and guards account


Solutions benefits

The real-time visualization of the alerts allows the optimization of the control operations as well as the resources used for the management, being able to prioritize the areas with more infractions.

The automatized and efficient control of on-street parking increases the rotations in the area and therefore impacts favorably on the space availability.

As there are more free parking spaces and they are informed about them, citizens can see the results of the policy and the benefits of the technology deployed.

The permanent space availability allows people to reduce their time looking for a parking spot, with a great and positive impact on traffic congestion, pollution and the city attractiveness.

Why do we stand out?

  • Innovative management model totally digitalized.
  • Robust, reliable and widely proven single space detection sensor U-Spot for a maximum system efficiency.
  • Easy integration with payment means through standard API to get parking tickets and publish infraction alerts.
  • Control APP for the guards available on any Android device to ease the enforcement operations.
  • Use and infractions statistics in U-Admin Parking Control Center to analyze and improve the organization over the time.

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