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The challenge

Improve truck parking management based on a real-time presence detection sensor system 

Truck parking can be a source of problems in many cases. In highway’ service stations, the lack of information can result of serious availability issues and overcrowded parking areas as the drivers must respect strict driving time regulations and stop when they have toIn harborslogistic centers or industrial plantsremote management of parking areas requires to know the bays that are already occupied to efficiently allocate spaces to newcomers and be able to ensure the connection with the rest of the operations. 

The solution

Urbiotica’s truck parking detection solution consists in equipping all parking spaces with wireless sensors. The sensors detect the presence of a truck parked and allow to inform drivers of available parking spaces and the manager about the status of his parking area. 

Solution using U-Spot simple space sensors: a sensor is places in each parking space. The system collects the precise information on the status of each parking spot and transmits the information of the available spaces to the user through Variable Message Signs

The solution includes:

  • U-Spot Wireless sensors for single space detection to detect and transmit in real time the presence of a truck parked and the global availability of an area.

  • Dynamic and high-quality message signs adapted to urban environments, which transmit the information related to the availability of free spaces.

  • Management web and mobile applications for device management and parking use analyzing.

  • API for the integration of the system with third-party systems, (other car parks equipped with access controls systems already implemented in the city).

How it works?


  1. The driver goes to a free space guided by the information displayed on a dynamic message sign and/or a user mobile app and parks his vehicle. The U-Spot sensor detects the arrival of the vehicle and sends the information to the platform.

  2. The platform collects the data and transforms it into updated information, and transmits it through the dynamic message signs and/or apps, indicating the new availability status, which in this case means one free space less.

  3. When the vehicle goes away, U-Spot no longer detects its presence, and sends information again so that the system transmits that the space is unoccupied again.

  4. In U-Admin platform, the manager can handle the published information, as well as configure, supervise and consult all the system’s activity.

Solution benefits

Informing about parking availability allows drivers to plan their break adequately in service stations where they will be able to park.

By avoiding truck drivers to park in overcrowded areas, the risk of disturbances due to too many vehicles is greatly lowered.

The knowledge of trucks presence in the different areas allows a better management of the vehicles flow.

Why do we stand out?

  • Robust devices and communication system for reliable and maintenance-free truck detection.
  • Simple software integration with 3rd party platform for trucks and logistic management.
  • Integrated solution from the detection to guidance dynamic message signs. 

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