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The challenge – reduce time spent looking for parking

City congestion is now a chronic problem in many cities. 30% of traffic jams in cities are caused by looking for parking. Apart from greatly increasing pollution levels, this situation also results in a lot of wasted time and high stress levels for drivers and citizens.

One of the biggest challenges of Public Administrations and Urban Service Managers today is to reduce congestion caused by looking for parking on public roads to improve the traffic flow in the city and, therefore, the environmental quality and well-being of citizens.

Dynamic message signs parking

The solution

We offer all the technological components required for an efficient use of the car within the city. Thanks to our flexible and accurate sensing system and adapted guidance solutions, you can from now on help drivers choose the right parking option, according to their goals and your mobility policy:

  • Outdoor wireless parking spot (U-Spot) and counting (U-Flow) sensors to gather the real time parking availability of the various areas
  • Integration of external parking data provided by public and private facilities
  • High quality dynamic message signs adapted to urban needs
  • Web and mobile applications for guidance, device management and analyzing the use of the city’s parking spaces and areas
  • Integration of your mobility policy to influence drivers’ choice

To generate more free parking spots in your city, take a look at our control solution

Parking sensing system OnStreet

Parking sensing system OffStreet

Solution benefits

Drivers are guided thanks to DMS and mobile app to areas with parking availability

By knowing the real time parking availability of each parking areas, they are used more homogeneously

Parking information is widely diffused to allow people better planning their trip

– The reduction of double parking and drivers’ stress looking for free spots and limit traffic jams and improve safety on the road

– The reduction of traffic tackle related pollution and noise and impact positively drivers’ attitude

– The communication of little or no parking availability in the city centre pushes drivers towards alternative options proposed

– The time saved and improvement of the quality of life brings people back to the city shops

Solutions for

Influence people choices toward indoor and P+R parking to limit the traffic in the city centre

Promote alternative parking and transport mode by communicating the P+R real time availability

Help occasional visitors find the best way to park to deliver a better holiday experience

Completely synergize resource sucking relationships via premier niche markets.

DMS Smart Parking Ibiza

Urban Parking Guidance System Dashboard

Why do we stand out?

  • >98% accurate, robust, wireless and autonomous sensing system
  • Parking spot and counting sensors
  • Easy to deploy and maintain
  • Remote monitoring
  • Fully integrated guidance options
  • Standardized and flexible data integration for 3rd party systems
  • 12,000 parking sensors installed worldwide 

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