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The challenge – improving urban mobility

City congestion is now a chronic problem of many growing and large metropolis. 90% of Europeans say traffic in their area needs improving. European Union reports attribute up to 70% of CO2 emissions from overall urban mobility. A negative impact on retail and stress levels among citizens is directly related to an unsustainable traffic situation.

The challenge of Public Administrations and Urban Service Managers today is to turn this situation around focusing on:

  1. Improving urban mobility by better management of the parking space and traffic flow on roads and use of public and alternative transport.
  2. Improving the environmental quality (air and noise) through better traffic control which has a very significant impact on the cities’ pollution and citizens’ health.
  3. Economic efficiency: optimizing management and investment costs of urban mobility services, reducing fraud and stimulating local trade.


The solutions – sustainable mobility, environmental quality and economic efficiency

MOV’Smart is our solution for tackling the multiple urgent challenges of urban mobility. With our solution we help public administrations and urban service managers in their sustainability mission, focusing on improving urban mobility, environmental quality and economic efficiency

Solution benefits

It improves parking management, traffic flow on roads and encourages the use of alternative transport.

It provides information in real time to users on the traffic situation and route times through apps and information panels.

It makes it possible to anticipate and choose the best route, helping to determine when additional or alternative mobility options to the car (public transport, bicycle, car sharing, etc.) are needed to reach the destination.

It substantially reduces the time spent looking for parking space thanks to the apps and information panels that show parking availability.

It also offers a range of multiple payment methods (coins, NFC, credit/debit cards, pay by phone).

Better traffic control has a very significant impact on reducing the noise and air pollution of cities (emissions of CO2, CEO, and O2 and other gases such as PM and O3).

Guided traffic also reduces stress and fuel consumption, providing a better quality of life to citizens.

Through information on entertainment activities, sales promotions and useful information (hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, weather) at the destination, the user’s experience is improved and costs are reduced.

Solutions for you

Economic Efficiency.
Better parking management reduces the related costs and increases the revenue coming from parking occupancy and from better payment control.

It improves the environmental quality (air and noise) and the health of citizens.

Citizen’s satisfaction as less time is wasted travelling and looking for a space to park. They have more payment options and information on activities at their destination. They live in a healthier environment.

Boosts local trade because it provides useful information on nearby shops, promotions and cultural activities at the destination. In addition, improving traffic and stress reduction encourages people to go out more to shop.

It improves the business revenue through cost optimization and fraud reduction.

Application of dynamic rates based on exchanging information on the availability of parking, traffic and pollution.

Why do our mobility solutions stand out?

Our smart solution for mobility management stands out because:

  • It helps in improving the management of the traffic flow and parking.
  • It improves the environmental quality.
  • It optimizes the management and investment costs in urban mobility services.


Sensors to measure the mobility

U- Spot

U-Spot detects the parking occupancy and rotation in real time.

U- Flow 

U-Flow detects in real time the traffic volume, the road occupation and average travel speed, and the vehicle size travelling along.

Data elements

 U- FlagU- Box

Software management

U- Base U- Admin

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